Sunday 24 July 2011

Going Postal: UKStampers Postcard Swap

Hi, hi.

A week ago I mentioned The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap and I know some of you were interested enough to go and sign up for some creative-postal-interaction. But, if stitiching wasn't your your thing ...

... then how about a stamped postcard swap?

 Organised by Effie of Efemera-Ink, the monthly postcard swap is a relatively new feature hosted over on the UKStampers forum.

Now in it's 3rd month, this swap is open to all and is a great chance for you to get involved with something creative, interactive and fun from [almost] the start.

Here's a peek at a few of the cards which have already been delivered around the country:

Included here is work from Effie along with: Angel NorthPat Beaumont;
GlitterMonkey; Samantha Read; and Sid.

To me there are 2 key reasons you might want to join in with this particular swap:

1. In a world of virtual communication, this is a little glimpse of old-fashioned 'real' mail! So far, from what I've read in the forum, everyone has appreciated having a little handmade work of art land on the doormat alongside the inevitable bills and junk mail.

And, rather sensibly:

2. You only commit to the particular month's swap after you've completed your postcard,  which means there's no pressure at all to commit to any long ongoing swap. If you manage to get time to make one during the month then that's great - you add your name to the thread and later on you find out who to send it to. If you don't get time - then that's fine. You haven't let anyone down. You can dip in and out of this swap, as and when you can.
If you'd like to play along you'll need to do is:
  • sign-up to the UKStampers forum;
  • make your postcard;
  • then go to the swap thread and let eveyone know you're ready, willing and postcard-able!
I'm hoping ot join in with this at some point. Ironically it'll probably be once I've finished blogging about postal things for 4 weeks!

Here's to stamping and stalking the postie for a special swapped delivery!

Julie :-)

I'll be back soon with more scrapbooking with postage-stamps and another giveaway, until then, don't forget to:

  • swing by the Going Postal Pinterest board here to check out the project posted so far;
  • enter the Wild Olive Givaway here;
  • get blogging your own posty projects and share your own photos, memories, stories, ephemera ... likewise link me up if you've made something inspired by one of the projects on the pin-board already.


  1. Great post, thanks for featuring the UKS postcard swap.

  2. Super article Julie with good reasons why this type of swap is so fresh in our electronic era !! Thanks for featuring UK Stampers.....looking forward to more postcard-swappers/crafters taking part.

  3. Great idea - perfectly postal and postable real mail. Nothing like it. :) Love your samples on Pinterest.

  4. Brilliant blog article Julie. It's such a fantastic swap Effie came up with. I absolutely love getting my postcard every month :) Lol Lynn ♥


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