Tuesday 12 July 2011

Layout: The Mirror of Erised ... almost

Hi, hi.

Firstly, thanks for your comments on my previous two posts. Seemingly lots of you share my fondness of punctuation marks [especially the !!! and the ***] and I knew I wasn't alone in the holiday photo-taking habits too. I appreciate you taking time out to share your craziness idiosyncrasies with me - thank you.

Another holiday-photo-tradition James and I seem to have developed is what I catchily call the 'Us in a hotel mirror' shot. We do it wherever we go however, on our recent trip to Lincoln there was something extra special about the mirror in our room.

It was from Hogwarts:
[Oh, OK, so maybe it just looked like the one they use in the films ... but allow me some poetic licence here ...]

If you've no idea what I'm talking about then I'll hazard a guess that you're not a big Harry Potter fan ... so here goes ... The Mirror of Erised looks like this:
... and it's ...errrrmm ... a mirror [but you guessed that bit though? Right?] ....
Anyway ... it's a mirror which, when people look into it, reflects back an image of their true desires to them, rather than their actual reflection.
Imagine the things you could see in there ...

I really wanted to get a shot of us reflected in our own Mirror of Erised [which is 'desire' spelled backwards]:
But, try as we might, without a tripod and in the room's fairly low lighting we couldn't seem to take a single shot with us in focus.

Which caused me to wonder ...if we're meant to see our true desires reflected in there ... we must really, really want to be blurry ....

The photo at the bottom of the layout is the best one of the lot. And there were quite a few! But, if my desire is not actually to be blurry ... I think 'being together on a long weekend, in a lovely old hotel, in a beautiful city' might not be such a bad thing to see reflected there.
So ... now it's your turn ...

What would we see reflected while you peered into your true desires in that mirror? [The mirror at Hogwarts I mean... not the one in a perfectly-lovely-but-probably-not-magical hotel room in Lincoln ... ].

Or shouldn't I ask?

Julie ;-)
The structure of the page is based around Shimelle's 'Sketch of the Week - 06 July'

In the 'Surprise Supplies' section of the current issue [28] of Creativity Magazine I share some ideas on using Christmas supplies on non-festive layouts and I thought I'd try that again on this page.  The polka-dot paper; the border, bow and star stickers and a die cut frame all come from Papermania Christmas crafting ranges.


  1. Love LO.
    Can't begin to tell u what I want to see. will make me mad like the mirror does if u look at it too much (erised or reality!!!! lol)

  2. LOVE this page! The prints you used together and the overall design are fantastic!!!! Great subject as well- I like the blur- it's romantic. :)

  3. Blurry's good!....I see what I want to see anyway...I'm in denial!
    I use too many punctuation marks too!!!!!!

  4. Fun page celebrating a cute tradition!
    I'd love to be "blurry" too - much prefer that to the pin sharp reflection of imperfection that I see every morning!

  5. I love the subject and TITLE of your page! I'm a Harry Potter fan and found your idea to be brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this layout idea-- I think if I had a mirror of Erised, I would be like Harry and sit in front of it all the time! (unless it made me blurry, that would give me a headache! LOL!!)

    what is the patterned paper you used on this layout? I love it; it reminds me of Moroccan tile... also kind of like vintage-y wallpaper. Thanks!!

  7. @crimsoncat05 Thanks. Thr paper is Making Memories - Vintage Findings - Orange Foil Ledger Findings.


  8. Really interesting post and wonderful page - not to mention the mirror! I'm not sure I can stand long enough in front of one at the moment to be aware of my desires. :) Love your use of the papers and the colourway.

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