Saturday 16 July 2011

Going Postal: More cards from snippets, scrap + stamps

Hello again.

As I menioned yesterday, when I introduced this card design with stamps and papers in shades of blue, I've made others in various colour schemes. I hope this gives those of you who were going to try it out, a few more ideas.

Here's a yellow one featuring a stamp where a white-haired man is being pulled along by a cat/rabbity type thing:
 And a green variation where I've used a scrap of paper I punched a butterfly from for another project:
 Fuchsia pink and mint green this time, again the papers are from the leftover scraps from my Guest DT Quirky Kit last month. And I still love that Kesi-Art paper with the jeans on it:
If you're getting the idea that it's the colour combining which I'm more excited about, rather than the actual stamp design itself, you're probably right. My main aim was to blend colours successfully and to not really give a second thought to the stamps' subject matter.

Which explains how a baboon made it on to on this one:

As for where to get used stamps from well:
  •  many of the ones I used came from James's collection, [which, if you're new here is my other half ... and not a shop] - don't panic - it wasn't a 'proper' stamp collection.
  • I've also had some in a pack from WHSmiths;
  • Plus I've had lots more tucked into various mixed ephemera packs I've had over the years.
  • I've also spotted them in junk shops and car boot sales and many etsy sellers stock them.
Speaking of which ... all of the cards from this post are on sale now in my etsy shop. [I've even given it a fresh new header etc especially to mark the fact I'm uploading new things!].


Thanks for your comments on yesterday's post and make certain to link me up if you try out this card or when you get round to any postal-themed blog posting.

Over the next few weeks there'll be postal-themed giveaways from at least 3 fabulous shops and designers ... and I'm working on more.

Before then I'll be bringing you details on a crafty international  postal project you can get involved with so do keep dropping in to see what's freshly landed on your blogging doorstep.

See you soon.


  1. Hi Julie! I have to say that all these cards are brilliant! Love this idea a lot. Many thanks for sharing!

  2. Ooh, i love the pink and mint green one. I also love the way you've photographed these with the stones and shells in front.
    I got a bulk pack of stamps off eBay and they've lasted me years of craft projects.
    I like your new etsy shop header too! X

  3. This is brilliant. I have a bunch of stamps that I've been hoarding in my stash that I can now use up!

    If you don;t mind I will post about this on Craft Gossip next week! :)

  4. Just catching up on blog reading and loving this series of posts. I've always admired your Quirky Kirkiness (!) and your ability to colour combine. Awesome, awesome!

  5. Just found your blog linked from a post on THe Scrappy Jedi. I love canceled stamps, and I love all your card projects! I have another source for canceled stamps - the National Postal Museum in DC. I bought a huge mixed bag of stamps there for not much money, and I sorted them into themes to make it easier to find them. But using them by color is a much better idea - I'll have to try it. Thanks!


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