Friday 22 July 2011

Going Postal: General Greetings - Hello!

Hi, hi, hello there.

Welcome to another 'Going Postal' cardmaking post. I've been planning this one in my head for quite a while and the more I think about 'general greetings' cards ... the more I think ... General Greetings ...

And, let me tell you something, when I manage to rise up through the ranks of the heat-gun-weilding Crafting-Army ... that's what you're going to have to address me as: General Greetings. 

Because I can whip-up a general greetings card at a moments' notice. I have so much general ammo in my crafting arsenal you might well say I'm a tiny bit obssessed:
I now sell my cards in my esty shop. You can click the photo for more details/views.
I don't have an especially large family and I don't seem to know many people who are getting married; having babies; retiring or moving house and fortunately I know no one who needs to 'Get Well'.

Plus, I'm pretty sure that most, if not all, of the people I know only celebrate the one birthday each year ... so there's never any great need for lots of 'Happy Birthday' cards and yet ... I really like making cards.

So, rather than stop making them ... I make general greetings cards. And I make them often.

I'm planning to share lots of cards in the coming weeks as part of 'Going Postal'. Cards which fit the 'general / generic / just a note /just because/ for no reason' theme, beginning today with the most general of general greetings: Hello.  

Here's my most recent:
 [The 'Hello' stamp is by Basic Grey. The sticky tape was printed using a tutorial by Kirsty Neale ]

Hello is just such a great word [in fact sometimes I even wear it. Please see Exhibit A]. I'm always open to adding yet another to my stash. And actually, I just did.

I found a Hampton Art sentiment pack on sale in Hobbycraft [Only £2.99!! For one of their 'foot long' stamp packs] which features this:
 It's only a matter of time before it ends up on the front of a card.But what - you may ask - do you do with so many general greetings?

Well ... I send them to friends, I include them in parcels and gifts plus every time I send off my projects to the magazine office, I always include one in the parcel. I know it's something of a business transaction ... but that shouldn't mean I can't send something personal to whoever I'm posting things to.
Click image to visit original post featuing the moustache cards!
And, in an entirely unintended consequence of my incessant card-sending, I've even been commissioned for projects based on the style of  some of the 'extra' informal cards I've included in the parcel with my actual 'work'!

So, hellos work. If you mean them. But sometimes hellos need a little company.

Like Romeo and Juliet;  Bert and Ernie ... cheese and onion ... 'hello 'and 'you' go so well together:
Click to visit original post featuring the camera cards.
And, because I'm not a stickler for a strict unadulterated Hello. Even an occasional 'Hi' and 'you' works:
Then there's a 'Hi, how are you?', for when I'm feeling especially polite:
[Stamps by Purple Onion]

Or ... if we're being really radical ... there's always the 'Hiya' option:
Click to visit original 'Shady Ladies' post @ Banana Frog
 And one for when I want to impress peope with my language skills ...

I know! You're impressed with my Spanish aren't you?

So, what can we learn from this? Well you now know:
  1. that there are some great general greeting stamps out there;
  2. that personally I send lots of general cards and that I'm a bit obsessed with 'Hello' style greetings;
  3. and that, generally, I must be a very nice person.
Well, at least that's my version of what this post has made clear ... if you disagree ... you can send me a general 'I don't think so' card to let me know! ;-)

I've got a couple more 'General Greetings' posts lined up to share soon so, if you too have a favourite generic sentiment, I'd like to hear it ... to see if they match up with the other two categories mine fall into!

And now, after a post all about Hello ... I'm going to bid you farewell. For now.

Julie :-)


  • I'll be back on Sunday with details of another postal-themed postcard swap;
  • Don't forget to check out the Going Postal Pinterest board where I've pinned another contribution this morning.


  1. Well, HELLO back at ya! "Just a not" to let you know that your post made me smile first thing this morning :) And your cards are as fun as your writing! Off to the Pinterest board now...

  2. Hello to you too!
    What a fabulous collection of cards.. all yummy.. did I notice a 'tache theme creeping in there?

  3. Groovy cards, love all the cute people! I like general cards too, as when I make birthday cards I'm always thinking about specific recipients but for 'hello' cards I just have fun and make them how I want! X

  4. I love the Hola card and the Hi you ones espeically - I need LOTS of general cards, and it would be a great way of doing some useful crafting in small bits when I might not have time for anything very big. I could make you a Thank-You card, with Gracias written on it ... :).

  5. Your cards are great fun and I'm loving the pinterest board.

    I have a post scheduled to go live at 10.00 am tomorrow (GMT) when I will be going off on holiday that links to 'Going Postal'

  6. Strangely, 'hello' is one of my default card sentiments, too, although I've never quite worked out why. Maybe because it works for almost anything and anyone.

    Also, is it wrong that I'm so very smugly happy to have received a couple of your generic greetings? Because I am. They're gorgeous, and I'd quite forgotten how awesome your retro moustachio'd men are, too. :)

  7. I've made some cards this week to send around the world, including a "hello" card here.

    Lovely series of ideas. TFS

  8. Ooops, silly me - that links to you not me :o(
    HERE is MY blog post!!!


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