Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Going Postal: General Greetings - Enjoy!


Last week when I said 'Hello'  ... or rather, last week when I said that I said 'Hello' frequently in cards, I also said I'd blog the other 'General Greetings' I find myself using over and over. So here it is ... enjoy ...

No, really ... it's 'Enjoy'. Look:
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 I actually think that 'Enjoy' beats 'Hello' as my favourite, recurring, greeting.

Sometimes, after making one of my collage-style cards, if I'm going to add a greeting to the collage, it really needs to be clear and simple and 'Enjoy' fits the bill perfectly. Especially as the cards can be as jumbly and eclectic as to feature a Japanese comic-book background; a heart banner and a paw print ... like this one:
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In fact, I like this greeting stamp so much it lives on the shelf directly above my desk [on its cotton-reel plinth, next to a frog eraser wearing a crown. Obvs] ... so it's always within reach:
But, like 'Hello' + 'You' go together ... 'Enjoy' too can be ably assisted by the addition of another word or two, like ...

'The Little Things', which I added to the bottom of an already greeting-laden card!:
The 'Enjoy The Little Things' stamp is from Sparkle Clear - Messages by Hero Arts.

And, along with 'the little things' ... let me introduce you to not only my favourite accompaniment to 'Enjoy' but possibly my favourite greetings stamp ever. One which can be [and has been] used on all kinds of cards, collages, layouts, tags, gift-wrap and more ... :
It's by Purple Onion [I bought mine from 3DJean] and here it is on a card from last summer:
I just love it. The font, the { use of brackets} and most importantly ... I love the sentiment.

'Enjoy' is so useful because not only does it serve as a generic 'any time' greeting, I can also use them for any more specific grand occasion. Because whatever else you're trying to say - be it Happy Birthday, / anniversary / Good Luck / Best Wishes or any other special event ... what kind of person would you be if you didn't want the recipient of the card to enjoy it?!

I don't know about you but I can't ever remember sending anyone a 'Don't Enjoy Today' card or an 'Actually, I'd prefer it if you were miserable.' version ... and, until I do 'Enjoy Today' will suit me just fine.

Basically, it's all any of us can ever hope - and strive  - to do in life, isn't it. Which is probably what makes it so versatile for any given card-sending-occasion. 

So do you do 'enjoy'? Or do you have another general greeting to add to my collection?

Thanks for reading me today.

Julie :-)

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  1. Lovely stuff. I like "Thank you". Or "thanks". It's a sentiment that seems to be lacking after most gift-giving occasions nowadays. (Nowadays? I sound like I'm a couple of generations out today.)
    Still, I'd like to say "thanks" for blogging such wonderful things to interest and inspire us :)

  2. Right having another go at linking my post. I really am pants at this. Here it is

  3. I quite like the American "Have a nice day". Even though I know it's a kind of automatic thing when someone in a shop says it, I still like to hear it.

  4. I am (enjoy)ing your posts so much! I like your neutral 'hello you' a lot; slightly cheeky and upbeat! On the odd card I make, I've sometimes used 'Waving ...' or 'From me to you ...'.


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