Sunday, 31 July 2011

My Month in Numbers 2011: July

Hello you.

I'm probaby going to have to pretend that we're not as far through the year as we actually are. Because it's all downhill from here toward going back to the day-job, back to coat/scarf/thermal-wearing and back to dark, dank, afternoons and going home in the same darkness you got out of bed in!

There have already been far too many glimpses of new scrapbook paper ranges with a Christmas theme popping up for my liking. Ranges which I avoid looking at with the same effort at self-preservation as the Ancient Greeks treated eye-contact with Medusa or the students of Hogwarts did with the Basilisk.

And yet I can't ignore the fact that July is indeed over and all I can do is quantify it and then move on into August ... keeping a woolly hat nearby.  Just in case.

Here's my month ... in numbers [if this series is new to you, you can catch up on the idea here]:

Speaking of woolly hats ... I've actually already resorted to wearing one once this month ...

2 =the number of outdoor 'Great British Summertime' events we attended during which we got drenched in rain.

The first was the Mela [an Asian festival] where all we could face was a quick walk around, followed by a mad grab for takeaway curry and a mad dash back to the van out of the rain to eat it!

The second event was a local food fair held in the front of the 19th Century Bowes Museum. Sounds idyllic doesn't it?

Yeah, well ... it looked like this:
We may have got wet but we bought cheese and a driftwood heart sculpture, plus we escaped the downpour for an hour by having lunch in their lovely restaurant so ... all was not entirely washed out.

One reason - apart from the obvious - that I don't want to be wearing a winter hat just yet, is that I've just learned how to do this ...

3 = the initial number of strands of hair required to put in a 'waterfall braid' following a tutorial I spotted on Pinterest:
What it didn't mention was that it requires:
  • at least all 10 of your fingers and, if I were you, I'd gain the assistance of 10 - if not 20 - assisting fingers if you can! And it also requires ...
  • at least 3 times the upper-arm strength and stamina that I am currently in possession of.
Looks pretty though. If 'pretty' is what a grown-up wants her hair to look though? Personally I would never have actively sought out a hair-style tutorial,  but this one was just there on Pinterest, pinned by someone I follow ... and I tried it.

Pinterest is like a gateway drug to all manner of hobbies, recipes, tutorials etc you had no interest in before ... but now you've got a taste of them ...

Speaking of addictions ... and Pinterest ... if you've been tracking my monthly shoe habit through my Month in Numbers posts this year ... you may be interested in the following pin ...

£7.00 =how much I spent on thse perfect lovelies:

17 = the number of days I've been running the Going Postal project and pinning all your post-themed blog posts to the Pinterest board:

If you've not joined in yet, the full details are here and you still have two whole weeks to take part.

A few feet = how much the squash plant in our greenhouse grew. When we bought it in a 3" pot we had no idea it would get this big.

4x6 feet = the size of the greenhouse which the squash plant is currently seeking to colonise.

In the grand scheme of Life's Irresponsible Moments - buying a squash plant without checking its growing habit is not so bad.
  • It's not like I bought a puppy in my dinner hour.
  • Or got my favourite line from Clerks tattooed across my back [It's filthy. You'd be shocked.]  
  • And it's not even as if I ran with scissors ... nothing like that ... 
But still ... maybe we should have read up on veg growing before we brought the edible Triffid home  to our postage-stamp sized back garden.

Especially since ...

1 so far = the number of fruits which grew, ripened ... and then dropped off in my hand ... a little prematurely:
[A pose which shall forever now be known as 'doing a Mollie Makes'].
Since the unfortunate dropping-off incident I've had a rather graphic chat with my friend and favourite pumpkin-titillator Kirsty Neale who revealed to me the Facts-of-Pumpkin-Family-Life.

Considering how we're both girls who both dropped biology lessons as soon as possible in school, in favour of  the cleanliness and structure of Physics ... she's now inducted me in the dark-yet-apparently-essential-art of fertilising squash plants yourself!

By hand-pollination.
Or, as Kirsty scientifically put it: "by rubbing bits together". 

If I can ever look you all in the eye again after this ... I'll let you know if it works!


If you ever join in with your own Month in Numbers post let me know and I'll add a link to it in my post. [And because I've been brought up properly, I'll drop by and say Thank Yoooooou too!].
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Thanks for stopping by today, I've got mounds of things to share with you in the coming weeks ... if only I could collect Frequent-Blogger points! Now that would make a good number for next month's post!

I'm back tomorrow with another Going Postal scrapbooking idea so I guess I'll see you then then.

Julie x


  1. Now you sound like just the girl I need to talk to. here is the story: Little E bought his Uncle James some pumpkin seeds as part of a gardening related birthday present. J thinks he hasn't got time to grow Little E a pumpkin for Halloween and is planning to plant one of Tesco's best in time for the inspection visit. Thoughts?

    I always enjoy your month in numbers!

  2. Great numbers this month Julie, have just posted mine & linked back to you :D

  3. I'm so jealous of those shoes! I want some!
    I'm impressed you still had a day out at the food fair even though it was so rainy, well done you!
    You and Kirsty have been cracking me up on twitter with your squash related chatter!

    I have joined in with 'my month in numbers' today, here's my link:

  4. Hi.
    I adore the hair. How you had the patience to try admiration there. It is enough for me to brush mine and I am 'lucky' to have straight, easy hair!!
    Joined in with the numbers again :)

  5. Hey there! I LOVE this feature and I did my own, I'd love for you to stop by! Here's my month in numbers

    Katy X

  6. I so wish i'd started month in numbers at the beginning of the year, its a brilliant idea! Maybe this month i'll get to do one! xx

  7. Oh, for shame! July is going to be a very hard month to live down. For both of us. Did I mention we ate dinner outside twice last week, at the same table as the two pumpkin plants (one of whom is now with child)? That wasn't awkward at all. Candles, twilight, good food, warm breeze. At one point I was worried we were heading for keys in the bowl...

    Your braid looks very nice, though. Pinterest is indeed a bugger for such temptations.

    Subject duly changed?



    Here is the link to my first month in numbers..bit late but that's the story of my life at the

    Loving the Pinterest does become quite addictive doesn't it...

    Take care
    Kirsti xx


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