Saturday 30 July 2011

Shimelle's 4x6 Photo Love: Guest spot


There've been a lot of  'post' posts over the last fortnight and with two more weeks of Going Postal left to run ... there'll be quite a few more. But how about today we take a small break and swap the post for planes?

Today I'm guest designing on July's installment of Shimelle's 4x6 Photo Love class over on Two Peas in A Bucket and this page is my contribution:

If you don't already know, Shimelle's class format [which is a free class involving both a video tutorial and PDF download on Two Peas] takes you through a different way to use 4x6 photos each month and all previous classes are still available to view. When the class began in January she added one photo to the page ... and she's increased the number of photos by one each month.

Note to self: when someone begins an email with "OK, don't totally freak but ..." ... brace yourself for the prospect of then having to fit seven 4x6 photos on a scrapbook page:
  • Shimelle provided me with the sketch she's teaching in the class;
  • She directed me to use a concertina-style and ...
  • I've just installed a new photo printer. Phew. 
If I'd asked my old printer to print 7 4x6 it'd have glared at me like a beligerant teenager ... then roll its eyes and give the impression that it was about to do as I'd asked ... then it would have chewed up my photo paper. Sarcastically.

The new one did as it was told. Hence the photos: 
You can check out my little 'How To' related to this page over on Two Peas here.

Regular, long-standing readers might remember me blogging about my Airshow escapades last year:
This year, I may not have had a treasure hunt to keep me occupied, but I did have two parents to look after. [Don't worry, they were my parents. Not just two random parents thrust upon me at the gate!]

They were pretty low-maintenance though ... so I still had plenty of time to take photos:
Alpha stickers are by October Afternoon + DoCrafts Forever Friends.

 Even if they were photos of ... well ... of things that weren't planes:
Another go at journaling on to correction tape - fast becoming a favourite technique!
 I've mentioned this before but I wonder ... are scrapbookers the only breed of photographers who frequently take photos of people taking photos?

 Plus I also take lots of shots of wordy things and signs:
And Shimelle's page design meant me fitting more of all those typical-Julie-shots on a single page than I would ever usually attempt:
Don't forget to swing by Shimelle's class to see two more examples of this page style.

Thanks for stopping to look today. I'm going to be back here tomorrow with a My Month in Numbers post for July because it's seemingly and alarmingly the end of yet another month!! Who can we complain to to stop this happening?? Who?

Is there a petition we can sign?

Julie :-)

  • Don't forget to check out all the Going Postal giveaways which are still open [check my right-hand sidebar for links or scroll back through my posts].


  1. Absolutely LOVE this LO Julie..who knew u could get so many pics on one

    I have a few numbers ready to contribute to my month in numbers... X

  2. I have really enjoyed Shimelle's 4X6 photo love class and I am so glad she asked you to guest design! I LOVE your page, the colors, the design, the subject are all very appealing!

  3. Beautiful page, cute plane: what's not to love?

  4. Great design, fun personality comes across on the page! Love the paper you used :)

  5. In answer to your question, scrapbookers are not the only people who take photos of other people taking photos. Or maybe it's just that my friends are as wierd as I am!

  6. Absolutely LOVE this LO Julie..who knew u could get so many pics on one I have a few numbers ready to contribute to my month in numbers... X


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