Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Going Postal: Etsy Treasury

Hello you. 

I'm so pleased that lots of you are seemingly postal-inclined too! 

To those who've left comments and who've blogged their projects already - thank you! If you haven't yet, when you get a chance, do hop over to the Going Postal Pinterest board where I've pinned the great projects which have been submitted so far. 

You can click on the individual images to visit the original blog post to read the contributions in full and it'd be great to think you're all leaving comments and supporting each other's postal-passions!

I've also pinned a freebie Air Mail themed printable on the pinboard and I'll add any other interesting posty goodies there as and when I find them.

This morning I went shopping, for exciting things like 'magic' eraser sponges and Monster Munch crisps. [OK, so  I didn't actually go out specifically to buy Monster Munch ... but somehow they just fell into my basket and - later on - my mouth.] and while I didn't come across anything postal themed while I was out ... I have been window shopping online ....

Here's the Etsy Treasury I put together after browsing around the postal theme:
Click image for more details on the lovely items.
If you haven't heard of them, an Etsy Treasury is basically just a collection of items you handpick and arrange in a photo-collage - as above.

You can make them on any theme you like, or even use them to create a wish list when you want  to help someone choose an appropriate gift for you ... or just make them for fun.

The most enjoyable part about it, for me, is using the Search facility to seek out and browse through items on a very specific theme, to discover things you'd never just 'stumble' across and then ... you get to arrange them into an attractive mosaic at the end. And you know how I love arranging things by colour and design!

I'll see you soon with some more crafty-posty-projects, until then: don't forget to enter the Wild Olive giveaway from yesterday's post.

Julie :-) 

p.s: To help keep track of everything, like giveaways, I've added a linked list to all Going Postal posts in the sidebar.


  1. So, I've been gradually working alphabetically through my Google Reader, saying to myself "I'm going to get to N soon and Notes on Paper and then I'll see more about the Postal paradise I've been reading about elsewhere". And now I'm here - fantastic! So many lovely things to look and inspire x

  2. Great treasury!!! If money grew on trees, I would be all over the bag and the pillow and ....
    Still loving this series very much and it is on my mind whenever I'm surfing the web and I keep finding things that go with the theme ;)

  3. Etsy is a danerous place... must resist! Awesome treasury though. Off to check it out once I've hidden my credit card away!

  4. ooh lovelies. i just realised i follow a blog called letter writer's alliance this is the link

    jo xxx

  5. Oooh, if I had more money I would spend my days alternating bewteen buying lovely things on etsy and then collaring the postman to find out if they'd arrived yet...

    P.S. I've carried on with my postcard project here:

  6. What a fab idea for a project Julie,love it.

  7. Loving this project Julie. I am defo one for post and happy mail. Have just made a layout all about my letters I wrote to friends when we were teens.
    Here is the link:

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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