Sunday 12 June 2011

Stripemania at home

Hi, hi, hi.

Last week, when I spotted that the Decor8 blog was hosting a virtual 'Stripe Mania' party [kind of a census of bloggers who wear stripes] I knew that me and my stripes had to stand up and be counted!

And here's my contribution: me in my newest stripey t-shirt ...  on my newest stripey carpet:
In case you're wondering, not all of the rooms in my house actually look like my clothing ... no, hang on ... actually, on second thoughts ... when I come to think about it ....

You can read the full story behind 'Stripe Mania' here on Decor8 - there's only the rest of today to join in if you're a stripe-a-holic blogger too.

Happy striping.



  1. I've been keeping my eye out for this picture!

  2. This is a lovely, lovely photo of you, Julie! I love stripes too, and your stairs look a wonderful place to sit. Though I don't expect a cup of tea is allowed anywhere near them!

  3. Lovely shot, lovely lady.

    It also amuses me that we both have two lots of stripes on our respective stripemania photos. It's a very specific sub-group, I think - 'overachieving bloggers wearing stripes'. Or maybe we should go the whole hog and host overachievermania...


  4. I've been enjoying all the stripemania photos on Pinterest. It's only right that as a stripe lover you had your photo taken on your stripey staircarpet.

  5. Hi Julie,

    how cool that your carpet fitted with the theme too :)
    I found your blog through Holly mentioning you were in NE england too ;) nice to meet someone so nearby.
    Love your scrapbook work and am generally going to explore your blog some more as i also have a love of paper and crafting.

    oh and heres my stripe mania post should you fancy a peek
    you'll notice the similar tshirt

    love Kathryn

  6. Love the carpet! Love the shirt!


  7. stripe carpet + shirt?? .. I love it! I had fun participating in the stripey fun as well. I even ended up creatign a collage of home decor stripes, check it out if u want to:

    Stripe on!!


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