Saturday 1 October 2011

My Month in Numbers 2011: September

Hello hello.

Another month brings another Month in Numbers round-up so let's start with a photo taken exactly one month ago: 
Looking back at this written-in-sand reminder I've just now thought how it might have made an interesting project to take a photo on the 1st of each month in a similar way ... telling a story of where you were ... but it's a bit late for that ... I should have remembered before it got dark and I still had time to experiment! maybe next month ...

Anyway, when I took that photo ... as well as '1.9.2011' being significant, so was this number ...

22 years = approximately [but I could be wrong] the number of years it's been since I've visited the 'seaside' with my both parents. [Mam, Dad, if you can correct me on that figure please do ... but think ... have we all been on a beach at the same time since Florida?].
 And the reason we were at the beach was so that this little lovely:
... could dig and splash. Which he did.

He also stood very still and let me hold him out of the way while a big dumper truck type thing drove along the sand mainly because ... he thought it was being driven by Bob the Builder!

I think I was as delighted as he was when the man [complete with convincing Bob-like hard-hat] waved at us as he passed by! Aren't people great?

4p = the exorbitant amount of money James and I spent in an arcade at Whitby:
We don't often visit the arcades but hey, call me a wild spontaneous kid if you will, but this particular occasion I threw caution to the wind and decided to go in and spend all the copper I had in my purse.

Which was 4p. 2p each. 1 go each on the 2p push machines.

Unsurprisingly ... we didn't win anything.  

9 = the number of pages my work appears on in the issue of Creativity which was released this month: 
Receiving this particular issue was double exciting for me as one of the photos of my projects was taken by me in our back garden and they liked it enough to print it! If you've got a copy it's the one with the glittery Halloween bats dangling on a gate!

Speaking of dangly things ...

1 = the number of mice caught on camera in our greenhouse banqueting on bird food ... by sitting in the bag James had haning up in there!:
What a life! If that was me ... and if the bird food was ready salted crisps ... if only ...

Well I think that's all of my numbers for September really ... because I think I've exhausted its happenings by blogging my Learn Something New Every Day journal pages throughout the month.

If you're new to the whole idea you can catch up here and if you decide to play along and blog your own numbers just yell out and I'll swing by. You can join in any time at all - it doesn't need to be the end of the month and I'll edit this post to add you in so others can come and visit you and your numbers too.

Those who've joined in with their September numbers so far include:
Now let's get stuck into October shall we?

It's only the 1st day but for me, it's started so well ... I'm wearing a summer dress [in this freakish yet beautiful weather] and I've eaten a raspberry pannacotta so that's a fighting start if ever I saw one!

I'll see you very soon as I have the next Purple Phase palette plus the final installment of my LSNED journal pages and another It's A Sign post on their way next week.

Until then ... happy new month to you!

Julie :-)


  1. Lovely recap of your month and huge congrats on the 9 page spread!!!! I wish we could see this mag here in the US...
    I posted my numbers yesterday:

  2. Love recap. Mine's here

  3. I actually started counting things this month (or is that now last month?)! Post to follow! I'll have to run into that craft shop and check out the magazine again this month :)

  4. Many congraulations on the number 9 - wow! I am going to have to try and find a copy of this! I love reading your month - and wistful for the chance to be in wellies in the sea!

  5. The Australian version of the magazine hits our stores this week. I hope they kept all of your pages as they do change some of the content. Looking forward to reading them. Fingers crossed it will be this Friday.

  6. I was fully expecting a grumpy post! But so glad you had a lovely september. Here's my post this month a little late but hey, better than not doing one! hope you'll call by for a look! X

  7. This is such a great idea, off to add up then post my own :)

  8. Another great month in numbers. I love 2p machines, I used to spend ages on them as I grew up in a seaside resort (Clacton On Sea) so a lot of time was spent in arcades, and 2p machines were all we could afford to have lots of goes on!

    That mouse looks incredibly cheeky. We've just discovered we have some living in our loft again. I wouldn't mind if they only ate holes through my husbands clothes that I've shoved up there because I don't like them and he won't get rid of them!

    Congrats for the magazine features. x

  9. I found you through Sian and love this idea. I just managed to squeeze out a post before it's time to think about October.


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