Saturday 29 October 2011

Still Twitter-Curious after all these years.


So my title is a slight exaggeration ... but the Paul Simon song lyrics I was paraphrasing didn't say 'still crazy after all these months' and I can't imagine he'd have got where he is today if he'd written 'still crazy since earlier this year' or 'still crazy since January/February time'.

But I digress.

I really wanted to tell you that I wrote a guest post for Erika on Oops I Craft My Pants [which went live yesterday] and the subject I wrote about was: Tips for the Twitter-Curious.

After all these months!

If you're new here, Tips for the Twitter-Curious is a free instructional series I wrote earlier this year - which you can still access here. What's amazed [and delighted] me is how, even after all this time, it's still reaching new eyes out there in Webland.

After the initial set of Twitter-Curious signed up to play along with the class in 'real time' there's been a steady stream of people tweeting me out-of-the-blue to tell me they've read the series and are now using Twitter.

The latest was the inspiration behind this journal page:

It took me hours and hours to put the class together. Some nights after work I was on-my-knees-tired but I persisted in completing each post on time.

And, ever since, as I didn't charge for it, I've made sure to  promote it to the best of my ability ever since. I've sent links to bloggers who've passed the link on to others and, most recently, I passed it onto Erika from Oops I Craft My Pants ... which is how that guest-post came to be!

I think of it like this:
  • If I were a supermarket then Tips for the Twitter-Curious would be my 'loss leader'.
  • Like cheap crates of beer, it's one of the key things that tempts 'customers' through my door.
  • Then, once they're here, hopefully they find something else they like the look of. Such as my scrapbook pages, my etsy shop ... or my crisps and salted peanuts.
And I'm not embarrassed to tell you any of that, because I'm proud of that series ... in fact I'm crazy about it.


After all these years months.


If you get do chance to swing by my post on Oops I Craft My Pants then you'll see it's an overview of the series has to offer if you're Twitter-Curious, Twitter-Ignorant or even Twitter-Disdainful! So it's definitely worth a peek if it's new to you.

If not, it's still worth paying Erika a visit as her site is filled with craft projects and tutorials [her latest idea for boot socks made me want to rush headlong into my jumper drawer with scissors!] so there's plenty to feast your eyes on if you're new to Oops.

And finally ....

If you are someone who's followed some of the Tips for Twitter-Curious then I'm wondering/hoping you'll consider ...:
  • leaving a comment [either here or on my guest post at Oops] letting new readers know how the class was for you;
  • or you could jot down any noteworthy Twitter experiences you've had yourself since taking the plunge;
  • or even just share any Twitter tales stories or offer suggestions for any new readers and new Tweeters.
Would you? Because that would be amazing. And make sure to leave your Twitter username in your comment too so we can all swing by and see you over there too.

See you there, or here, or both. Thank you!

Julie x


  1. It is still on my bookmarked list of things to do, Julie - arrrgh! I think because I don't have an iphone I have held back because it'd only be relevant when I turned on my computer and I'd miss the immediacy of it. But I think it's was wonderfully put together, and would make a great ebook which you could see through your Etsy site. :)

  2. Sorry, please amend that to 'sell' through your Etsy site. You've offered it for free for ages ...

  3. I wouldfirst like to say to Alexa - I don't have an iPhone. I go through moblys to quick to even consider it (so far this year:drowned, lost, pickled, drowned, just died, drowned...) I have twitter open on a seperate screen throughout the day and am still addicted.

    Thanks to you Julie I've realised what a handy tool it is to keep in touch with people, promote my blog, make contacts, people have even left comments for my blog via twitter. I love it and your course is fantastic!


  4. I have to say, if it wasn't for Julies class, I wouldn't have taken the plunge. I am so glad I did because I have found new blogs to read, new programmes to watch, and i get all my news from it as well. The class is great and makes Twitter so accessible.

    Thanks Julie :)


  5. Carmen's here! Hiiiii! She's my buddy. I really appreciate and am very grateful your tutorials- thank you for taking a loss- they do keep me coming back for mor info and I love your design eye so it's just another excuse to stalk. ;)
    I needed help with Twitter- badly. I use it to keep up with what manus are doing and get in on special deals but my follower number is waaay low because I'm not optimizing my usage- this will change as I go through your series I'm sure. Thank you- off to your guestie to check it out!

  6. Love the journal page.

    I'm following you so I can visit with you again.

    I have a new blog, this art that heals and I'd love when you have a minute for you to visit with me. Have a great day!

  7. I am Twitter-Terrified!!! So no, I haven't taken the plunge. I have thought about it as I have seen it on here, but I have been procrastinating. Maybe it is time I took a look at it ... Thanks for all the time you spent doing it AND offering it for free. I shall bump it up this weeks to-do list and it might just make it to the top this week :-)


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