Thursday 27 October 2011

Purple Phase guest blogger: Lara Watson

Hello hello.

Today's Purple Phase colour palette has been interpreted by my special guest-blogger today, the new Creative Editor of Mollie Makes magazine: Lara Watson.

And here's the palette I gave to Lara as her starting point:
The colours are a fairly unusual combination which I'm not sure I'd have come up alone ... but I didn't have to. They're the colours of the beads on a favourite necklace of mine [I've had it for years and that pale pink still makes me swoon!]:
Now let me get out of the way and make room for Lara and her take on this colour scheme ...

I'm something of a purple fiend. It has to be said.

I love the colour so much and have berry tones of tops, dresses, tights and scarves galore. So I was shocked - nay, horrified - when I looked through my vast paper stash in preparation for this challenge and found not a single sheet of purple.
Have scrapbook companies been rationing it? Maybe just saving it for their Halloween collections?

I'm not sure but it's something I need to address.

So, instead I found a photo with purple in it. My brother's hoody. In what turned out to be a rather adorable photo of him and his baby boy, my first nephew. Ripe for scrapbooking!

Sticking to the colour scheme, I used:
  • lots of blue Maya Road mist;
  • yellow Sassafras chipboard butterflies;
  • brown Bazzill and woodgrain;
  • lots of pink accents;
I added a few extra purple highlights here and there with some cute buttons, too, for good measure!



I love what Lara did with these colours and I'm now wondering why I've never taken colour inspiration from that necklace before now! It works so well.

Again, like many of the purple palettes we've looked at so far, it's another one which nicely balances natural, neutral shades with some interesting, unexpected splashes of colour. Along with demostrating how purple can be a subtle addtion to a scheme, Lara's page also gives a nice twist on using pink on a masculine page too and afterall, it did say 'baby pink' on the palette didn't it?!

Thank you Lara!

And thank you for dropping by on us both today.

I'll be back very soon with news of where it's my turn to guest blog for someone else! Have a great day.



  1. Love this page - cute misting and the buttons bring out that colours scheme so well.

  2. Not colours I would have thought to put together, but they do work so well. Lovely layout.

  3. This is too sweet! Love misting, butterflies and buttons! Well, I haven't tried misting, but I love the look!

  4. It just goes to show that you can put colours together which you'd never think of as 'matching' and get a wonderful result!

  5. What a great colour palette! Love the techniques used in this layout and the photo is priceless :)


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