Tuesday 18 October 2011

Purple Phase: purple with orange, brown + blue

Hi, hi, hi.

I always knew that those purple boots, featured by my guest-blogger Sian Fair [in this post last week], were going to be a hard act to follow, so today's post contains the next best thing I could find ... purple shoes.

The shoes will be making an appearance in a moment, but right now, here's today's Purple Phase colour palette:
The colours are taken from a tunic style dress whose pattern I fell in love with the minute I spotted it and which i've worn rather a lot this summer:
It's another example of :
  • how purple can often be easier to wear [or use in scrapbooking etc] when it's mixed with other colours as part of a print rather than as a solid block of colour. 
That said, I don't want to detract from how it contributes to the pattern or colour scheme. Just because it's mixed-in with other shades doesn't mean it's hidden entirely.

Take my dress for example, I liked it because the bright-yet-cool spots of purple and blue were an interesting contrast against the neutral background and warm orange, tobacco and brown shades:
That particular shade is what I think of as 'candy purple' - sort of an equivalent of candy pink? If you see what I mean? It's a lighter shade than full-on 'purple' but it's too bright to be 'lilac'. So, yes, it's a candy-purple-bright-pastel. And whatever it is, I like it!

 In fact, when I bought the dress I already owned the vest I'm wearing underneath, which is a perfect match, so I guess I've liked that shade for a while at least. 
It's also another one of those shades of purple which I find works really well with grey - and you can expect several more 'grey with purple' posts before the Autumn's out as I've realised it's one of my regular 'go to' combinations.

Anyway ... enough chat ... here's those purple shoes I promised:
What you can't tell from the photo is that they're a wedge heel which is covered with a kind of raffia which, once again, confirms that I really do have a things for purple with natural materials like string! [remember the card I shared a few weeks back?].

And just to prove it is in fact me in these photos ... here's one with my head in it! 
Dress: Dorothy Perkins ¦¦ Vest: H&M ¦¦ Leggings + cardigan: Primark ¦¦ Shoes: New Look
  • Don't forget to link me up to any of your new posts about your own purple phase [a link back to here would be most welcome in there somewhere] and I'll pin them to the Pinterest board ASAP.  
  • In case you're new here, the Purple Phase Pinterest board  contains mostly other people's work and photographs, along with all of the colour palettes of mine.
In addition to which ...
  • I've just created a Purple Phase Flickr folder to house all of the palettes and projects I've created especially for this series alongside ...
  • Everything from my entire Flickr photostream which looked remotely purpley-shaded and appropriate!
  • So if you're interested in more of my crafty projects in purple, then that's a good place to find them now.
I'll be back soon with another purple post and if you missed it yesterday, hop here for a chance to win a pass to Shimelle's latest online class.

 Thanks for reading me today.
Julie :-)


  1. Great shoes - I have shoe envy. Also good to see your LO on Shimelle's class x

  2. Oh I love love love those shoes.

  3. Love the shoes - I have some like that but they're black. Purple is way better than black!

  4. your outfit is gorgeous.. love love the shoes!

  5. Oooh! that's just reminded me, I have purple shoes!

    On a lighter note, I had a hunt through my papers, I have hardly any purple patterned paper! But I do have cardstock... A plan is forming.

    BTW, did I read right, you live just over the water from me?

    Keep the colour coming!

  6. Gorgeous colourways. I also have some purple shoes, amazingly, though not as purple as yours! I like the addition of the orange - and you look delightful as always. :)

  7. Hi Julie! I'm catching up with your purple phase posts and just made a post of my own linking back to you :) I love your outfit here, the pattern on the dress is pretty and I quite like the mix of lilac with orange... Sian's boots are gorgeous, but I think you did a fabulous job on picking out those shoes!

  8. I'm slowly catching up on blog reading after a week away, but I just had to tell you, from my purple-loving heart, that this is the most fabulous of all your purple fabulousness so far!


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