Monday 10 October 2011

Purple Phase guest blogger: Sian Fair

Hello you.

To kick off a new week in style I'm thrilled to introduce you to Purple Phase's first guest blogger Sian Fair:
And as we're going to be kicking things off ... we could do worse than doing it in Sian's boots .... trust me [or scroll down if you don't!] ...

I'll let her speak for herself ...

Guest post from Sian:
This post comes to you courtesy of a pair of boots.

Purple ones.


I posted a picture of them on my blog and they caught Julie’s eye, and she said (maybe) “Mmm, Sian’s having a purple moment, let’s see what she thinks”  ...

So, I’d better be honest. Let’s get this right in the open: I spent years loathing purple.

Didn’t like it at all.

Until one day I spotted a felt bag sitting in a shop window:
I went back again and again and eventually I brought it home. And when I looked at it carefully I started to see what it was telling me about purple.
  • It’s rich and warm, but it doesn’t push itself forward. 
  • It can be a backdrop, a background, for so many other different colours.
Just look at the collection there is on my bag – blues and green, yellow and burgundy.

I saw the light.

I began choosing a purple piece and layering one of these colours on top. Then I swapped round and added purple accents to a different base.

And that’s how I moved on from a bag ...

... to a pair of purple boots.
They’re big boots, but they go with almost anything.



Thank you Sian! I love the layout, especially the insight in the journaling into what you've been wearing the boots with!

If you don't know Sian's blog ... you ought to!
And you might also be interested to hear she's a Design Team member for 'Scrap 365', a brand new scrapbooking magazine due for launch next month.


My next purple guest [well, she's not purple ... her project is!] will be here in a couple of weeks' time and until then you're stuck with me!

I'll be back in a day or two. See you soon.



  1. I know ... she's lucky I don't live within 'borrowing' distance of them!

  2. Liking the purple phase Julie, purple's my fave colour, it was also the colour of my school uniform along with yellow which explains why I hated all things purple when I was a teenager. Loving Sian's boots, I've wanted purple ones for years.

  3. That's a great scrappy tribute to your boots.....and very nice they are too.

  4. Fantastic bag and yep even though I have seen those boots before in a blog I am still jealous ;)
    Liking this theme Julie - great idea. see you next month

  5. Lovely to see you on here, Sian! And your boots are most impressive ... Loving this series, Julie. I am off to hem my now-dyed-purple skirt. :)

  6. How nice to see Sian and her boots here...loving your purple series Julie!!

  7. I've seen those boots before and I still love them! The felt bag is pretty cool too. I am a purple lover and have been ever since I started buying my own clothes.

  8. I love Sian's post, still love those boots and have always loved purple. I wear it at least twice a week in the fall (it's our college football team's color along with gold)

  9. Hi Julie..this is my first visit to your blog-I've come via the boot blogpost, and your 'purple series in general!
    Alison xx

  10. Somedays I think I am purple! I have loved it for ever but when I was young my mother would never let me wear it! she said it was 'too old' for me x

  11. I love Sian's boots! And Sian's layout :) And Sian's blog.... Basically, I love Sian :)

  12. Purple is a favourite here - it goes with so many other lovely colours :)


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