Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Cards: mini Christmas cards with Cosmo Cricket.

Hi, hi, hi.

How big are yours? Your Christmas cards I mean ...

This year, some of mine are just 3x3 inches - not that that makes them any quicker to complete than my usual 6x6 and 4x4 size. But then, I ought to know from personal experience that small things can be equally as high maintainance as the average-sized  ...

But enough about me ...  here's those other festive little ones:
The cards are 3DJean shop Design Team project for this month so I used the Cosmo Cricket Dear Mr.Claus and the Mixed Christmas Coloured Carnations which are both in stock there at the moment.

After stitching a square of the Cosmo paper to the cards I added a postage stamp die-cut [which is this one from X-Cut] on top, followed by a smaller square cut from the papers for an added postage stamp effect:

Ideally I'd have stamped '25p' on each one - as if it were an actual postage stamp, but my tiny Studio G lettering stamps don't include numbers - so I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for some small number stamps [although I'll probably find some  ... just as I forget exactly why I thought I needed some ... ]

Anyway, I used rub-ons on some instead and added the paper flowers, a few gems and a stamped greeting:
I made these while I was away on my early-Christmas-crafty-friends-in-a-cottage-weekend where ideas and supplies can spread like wildfire. The greeting stamp I used wasn't mine - but it found itself being passed around the entire group of us to add to one project or another. In return, my postage stamp dies were put to use by others too ... and the mini-sewing machine, which someone else set-up in the kitchen, was for all and sundry to use.

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... it takes a crafty-village to complete a project sometimes!

I've got a nice Kars reindeer stamp I'd like to try out on my next set of cards so I'll share them if/when I have any success with it.

After buying the new stamp, it danwed on me that it'll be the 2nd year in a row I''ll have made tiny Christmas cards with deer on them ... so I'm deciding to call it my 'signature style' ... because it sounds so much nicer than 'repetitive' and 'unoriginal' ... doesn't it?

Happy almost-Christmas to you.

Julie :-)


  1. Okay those are just way to precious but I gotta know: where did you get that BIRD!! omg, I love him.

  2. They are fab Julie, good things come in small envelopes :D
    C xx

  3. fabulous julie and why oh why didn't i think of using my xcut stamp punches on cards!! :)!!

  4. I have THE HARDEST time making cards. I make mini cards all the time and find them a little easier than "normal" (pffffft what's "normal" anyway?) sized cards. I love your little minis and they are just too cute! I would want to leave these up year-round!

  5. Thanks all :-)

    Dawn - the bird was a gift, so I don't know where he came from I'm afraid. But he is cute though isn't he? :-)

  6. It must be so much fun to share supplies with people (who share in return). Great card, I think the result is pretty amazing!


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