Saturday 31 December 2011

My Month in Numbers 2011: December

Hi, hi, hi.

Here it is - the final Month in Numbers post of 2011 which features some suitably Christmassy statistics, starting with my first ever craft fair as a seller ...

2  = the number of tables which were booked between myself and 3 friends at a church hall Christmas fair.

4 = the number of tables we'd managed to colonise by the close of day ... let me explain ...

Here's Table #1 where Jan and I set out our items [here's my little patch with my collages, magnets, brooches, cards and paper packs]:
And here's Table #2, featuring Effie and Jean's stock:
So how did we do?

Let's just say that business was slow. Very slow. We quickly realised that this wasn't the right fair for our style of products and several other vendors seemed to feel the same as they packed up and disappeared before lunch ... which is where Table #3 came from. When the other people left, we spread out a little ....
 And then we spread a bit further when the people from Table #4 went home:
Not that it did us a great deal of good ...

£5 = the grand total I made, after fees.

Yet it wasn't a complete waste of time, the others faired better than me and it was definitely a valuable learning experience. For example I learned that:
  • people aren't afraid of talking about your stock even though you're standing right in front of them;
  • Outside the creative community the idea of 'Handmade' is a niche idea to the wider public. So many people asked 'Did you make it all yourselves?' with such a completely baffled / awed look on their faces.
Also ... 
  • I learned that if you're going to spend 4 hours in a church hall, with a children's Christmas performance going on in the next room and where the vicar walks around talking to everyone ... at some point you'll feel like you're inside an episode of Rev.
  • Plus I learned lots of new kinds of coat beginning with each letter of the alphabet as we played The Alphabet Game during the quiet times [ie: most of the day!].
And my biggest lesson of the day was:
  • Never to do a craft fair where there's also face-painting on offer ... 
 Speaking of handmade  ...

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 = the numbers featuring on the bag Effie made me for Christmas:
3 = the number of sewing machines she went through to make it - watch this little video clip on her blog to see the amazing machine she ended up having to use to finish it!

6 degrees = the temperature in my back garden on Boxing Day:
15 degrees C = the difference in temperature between this year and the photo I took for my Month in Numbers post last December which showed Minus 9 during the day.

15 degrees difference!!! And no, I haven't moved countries, it's some strangely mild weather we're having here. Just think ... if next December were to be 15 degrees warmer than this ... Christmas would be a balmy 21 degree C summer's day ...

And here's another 15 ...

15 = the number of projects posted off to Creativity and Papercraft Inspirations magazine:
5.25 = The number of the dye I used to colour my hair with its other name being an accidentally-yet-highly-appropriately festive: 'Frosted Chestnut'!

935 = approximately how many fewer pages there are in the vintage illustrated Don Quixote James gave me for Christmas than there are in the [as yet unfinished] 'proper' version which I've been attempting to read for about 3 years.

Here's the final page [from which I'm still about 850 pages from in the 'proper' version]:
And here's what page it features on:
As I opened it James commented: "I thought you might get this one finished" ... and he might just be correct! [Not that I've actually finished it yet!]

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Thank you for reading my final statistical summary of the year but I'll be back in a month's time with the first My Month in Numbers of 2012 [there's a birthday involved ... but I doubt my age will be one of my featured numbers!].

To those who've been talking about joining in with your own Month in Numbers during 2012 ['Hello' to you if you're new here from the UKScrappers thread where some of you have been chatting about joining in!] here are few useful links:
Give it a go, see what you think, try it out in a format which suits you and don't forget to link me up when you do.

And if you've managed to fit in your own final one of the year now - leave me a link to that too and I'll add you to this post when I get chance [in between taking decorations down!].

So, as 2011 walks off into the distance and the top of 2012's head begins to appear on the horizon I'd like to wish you 365 brand new days filled with enough happy and healthy moments that you forget to count the less happy and healthy ones.

See you soon.

Julie x


  1. Great post.. I always enjoy your month in numbers posts!

  2. Sorry to hear that the stall didn't sell so well. I think people are just after a quick bargain rather than quality goods made with love. My little sister has a similarly dissapointing cupcake stall on Bangor market and only made £40 profit which didn't really warrant the days and days worth of baking it took to prepare for it.
    I love that you decorated your stall with Christmas trees bearing your goods!
    Happy New Year from me! I have enjoyed reading your year in numbers posts and occassionally joining in!

  3. Ugh, tables at craft fairs...'handmade'or home-made at such events is supposed to mean 'cheap' and I congratulate you - at least they talked about your stock...usually they approach, won't look you in the eye or so much as acknowledge your 'hello' in case you jump on them, steal their money and send them off with your handmade stuff!

  4. I have created my first ever Month in Numbers... it can be found here:

  5. You can never tell how it's going to go at craft fairs. I've had a variety of experiences, both good and bad over the years. At least you had good company. I've joined in again this month, but no idea how to put a link in my comment! So much to learn...

  6. Merry Christmas and happy New year. so sorry about your experience. It can be real hit or miss with craft fairs. I did them for years and had good times/bad. Your stuff looked great though!

  7. Congrats on trying ur first craft fair. Shame it didnt go well....something to build on :)

    Here is my link to my month .....

    Happy New Year :)

  8. I found you on UK Scrappers and decided to have a go - my December one is a little "empty" of photos but yours will inspire me :-) Here's my link

    Happy New Year!

  9. Sorry the fair didn't work out. Guess it's a case of knowing your market. I may try joiningg in this year. Thanks for comments left on my blog and for the pins - I'm not on pinterest myself and it's such a thrill when i find out I've been pinned.
    Happy New Year

  10. Craft fairs. The mere thought makes me shudder and break out in hot and cold sweats. I've read so many horror stories and am yet to take the (brave) plunge. I have no idea about pricing - that's my quandry.

  11. Happy New Year Julie! Here's to a 2012 full of creativity and everything else you love.

    My Month In Numbers is slightly delayed, but will appear on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

  12. I love your month in numbers. Please may I oin in this year?

    I have just done a blog post and added a link to your blog.

    Laura x

  13. Loved your collage of all your beautiful work - just stunning. So sorry about the church hall do - only you could make it witty and entertaining! Good luck with La Mancha ...

  14. Great numbers Julie, I'm sure the next craft fair you do will be better, the stalls look great.
    C xx

  15. So since I had a bonus extra day off (due to my never knowing when I go back to work!) here is my month in numbers:

    You now have your very own tab on my blog!

  16. Just popped in from Sian's From High in the Sky to read about recording each month in numbers. It sounds a fun idea. May I join in?
    Happy New Year!


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