Thursday 1 December 2011

My Month in Numbers 2011: November

Hi, hi, hi.

So it's the end of one month and the start of yet another. Again.

You know what this means don't you?

It means that all of our joint efforts to slow time down have failed for the 11th month running! We really must try harderthis month people, this can't happen again, OK? OK.

Right then, let me start with the most important number first. The number without which - and I can say this without overstatement or exaggeration - it's the number without which none of us would be here right now ... 

3 years = how old notes on paper was this month! Hurrah!

On November 8th 2008 I dipped my toe into the craft-blogging waters for the first time with a post entitled 'Yes ... we can'.  And it turns out, we still can. I'm still turning up here a few times a week happily blogging away, getting to know you better and getting to know me better in the process.

I truly love blogging.  In fact, I love blogging so much I'd do it for free if I had to ... [oh, hang on, yes, I do do it for free ... so, you see? I told you I loved it!]
  • 406+ posts and counting = number of posts I've blogged during that 3 years, which averages at around;
  • 135 posts per year, which is roughly ... 
  • 2 to 3 posts per week ... which ultimately means ...
  • I blog more often than I do laundry [a fact which doesn't surprise me in the slightest!]
1 day = the number of days difference between when I first blogged and when my good friend Kirsty Neale did as her 3 year 'blogiversary' was on November 9th, the day after mine. The strangest thing about it is that we started blogging [a day apart] before we actually knew one another ... so, when we've always joked at how similar we are and how we must have been separated at birth ... it turns out we weren't far wrong!

3 = the number of times I've now seen the comedian Dave Gorman live.

2 hours = the amount of time James and I spent on a hill, in our nearest RSPB reserve watching the 'murmurations' - the phenomena where 1000s of starlings come in to roost for the night in swishing and swirling flocks. 

When we did this last year [on 28th November] it was in the middle of this freezing cold snow storm:
This year [on the 6th November]... we had this:
I wish I knew the temperature differences between the two events - that would have made a great Month in Numbers statistic!
4 = days away in a cottage with 7 crafting friends.

35 = the number of days early we exchanged Christmas gifts and ate Christmas lunch while we were there:

3 = the number of new zebra-related items I've managed to accrue this month. I bought myself a scarf:

And as part of my 'Secret Santa' gift at the Christmas weekend there were some zebra charms and a big spool of zebra stripe ribbon.

And finally ...

6 = the number of peope who'll be working on the launch of Featuring Magazine [and I'm one of them]:

That's all from me, for November.
If you'd like to join in this time around then I'm pleased to say you'll be in good company - the number of people blogging their own Month in Numbers has been steadily growing.

[Note to fed-up bloggers who've introduced a new feature that hardly anyone joins in with!: I've been blogging My Month in Numbers for almost 2 years now and it's only in the last few months that participation has grown. But I didn't stop doing it because I loved the idea no matter who else joined in. And if they all stopped playing along now... it wouldn't mean I'd stop!]

A few people are ahead of me and have blogged their November stats already:
  • Sian of 'From High in the Sky' recorded hers on a very stylish number filled layout;
  • Ginger of 'Ginger's Life of Spice' recorded her impressive card-making total in her November numbers.
  • Month in Numbers stalwart Claire of 'The Crafty Alchemist' has blogged her 11th statistical scrapbook page in a row in a post which gives a lovely glimpse into her life. [Including the 11 muffins she 'accidentally ate ...].
  • Melissa of 'Remember to Breathe' joined in with her statistics once again here.
  • Kate from 'Nana Kate' bravely soldiered on with her Month in Numbers here despite having a laptop meltdown and a corrupted memory card. 
If you blog yours, let me know and I'll add you to the list. [A tiny mention and a link to me somewhere in your post would be nice, thanks.]


The 'How to record your Month in numbers' tutorial [or should I have called it my 'Tips for the Month in Numbers-curious'?] I've been asked to write will be with you sometime next week. So that should still give you a chance to start testing out the ideas before you record your own summary post at the end of December ... if you fancy it!

I'll see you soon.



  1. The starlings fascinate me. I used to subscribe to Fortean Times and there was a great article in there once about this phenomena - Investigating whether the birds maybe had a telepathic link with each other because they are just so synchronised and don't bump into each other - it's so beautiful to watch.

    Oh yeah I think the gist of the investigation was basically "we'll never know!"

    ... still not hit send on this comment, I went and googled the article. Because I know you are THAT interested *g* I miss that magazine - I may need to sub again. I go through phases of it ;)

  2. I love the starlings too - I've seen some great vids on youtube but would love to see them in person. Happy blog birthday :)

  3. I intend to do my month in numbers properly next year :) looking forward to your tutorial! I have loved these posts Julie, just haven't been organised enough to join in every month!

  4. Wow, you've had a busy month, happy blog birthday, congrats on featuring magazine & I love that scarf. Looks like you had a great weekend away, I really should try & round up my crafty friends for a weekend away.
    C xx

  5. More blogging than laundry - what a great thought to hold onto!

    Happy Blogging Anniversary - here's to many more blogger-y years!

  6. Congratulations Julie - I've read your blog off and on with all three of those headers! I love numbers - so I'm making it my NY resolution to join in next year!

  7. I wish I blogged more than did the laundry ... there's mountains at our place. Congratulations on three years blogging and on the magazine feature, how exciting. What a busy month.

    I've done my numbers:

    I'd just like to say again (I'm sure I said it before) what a great idea this is.

  8. Love personal statistics, your numbers say so much and are fun read!

  9. Hey julie great post those starlings look amazing i really want to see it next year! Only 20 minutes up the road to salthome for me! Here's my post, better late than never and so hard without my laptop as it blew up :( look forward to december's and your month in numbers tutorial!


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