Friday 16 December 2011

Overheard: Ahh... but he's a *clean-handed* idiot.

Hi, hi.

Wednesday afternoon was a bit of a treat for me.

Not only had I just finished the day job for Christmas ... and not only was I trying on a nice pink jumper ... I was also listening in to an amazing conversation happening across the changing room ...

Young woman 1 to Young woman 3: No, I met him when I was shopping the other day ... I just thought she'd like him.

[Turns out that 'she' was Young woman 2.]

Young woman 2 [unconvinced]: You said he was an idiot.

Young woman 1: Yeah ... but ... a nice idiot. I just thought you'd like him.

Young woman 2 [although I couldn't see her face I could tell by her voice that there was some heavy-duty eye-rolling going on]: Yeah, well ... if I ever find myself shopping at midnight and I'm bored then ...

Young woman 1 [with one final, beautiful, attempt to match-make]: You both carry wet wipes in your bag ...

And, my friends, I'm afraid we'll never know if this masterstroke of persuasion won Young Woman 1 over because, by this point I'd finished trying my jumper on and left the changing room [not before getting my diary out and writing it all down of course!]

I thought that this photo proved how there really is someone for everyone. I mean, there's at least two of us who can have a high-old-time making freaky faces by sticking on the discs from the holes of cardboard ribbon reels on to our eyelids ... and then take photos. So maybe there's hope for the wet-wipe pair after all. 
'See' you soon.

Julie :-)

[Oh and in case you're wondering yes, the jumper fit. I bought it. Looks nice, thanks.]


  1. And to think that these two people will be having dinner at my house on Sunday and we are scared all ready.

  2. Hilarious! I obviously hang out in the wrong changing rooms!
    Now those photos are much scarier than you Halloween costume.

  3. You know I very rarely break out the LOL, but I actually did. The wet wipes were good (clean, hygienic), but the eyeball fakery is truly magnificent. And much the kind of japery we enjoy at this end of the country, too.

    Ribbon-reel circles, ho! (That's a piratey 'ho', not an accusation. Just to be clear.)


  4. Listening to other people's conversation can be hilarious! I wouldn't want to know what they think of mine though! TFS!!

  5. Life would be so dull without your "overheards" Julie, they never fail to make me smile :) Like that picture too.
    C xx

  6. Heeeheee - those photos are funny in a kinda sinister way!
    Merry Christmas Julie!

  7. Life would be so dull without your "overheards" Julie, they never fail to make me smile :) Like that picture too. C xx


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