Sunday 4 December 2011

Vintage Books: it's *not* what you're thinking ...

Hi, hi, hi. 

Occasionally, when casually leafing through one of the old books I've gathered in to my hoard, something stops me in my tracks. 

Sometimes it's the wonderfully retro typography. Sometimes it's the amazing colour schemes of the illustrations. And sometimes ... 

... sometimes it's the splutter-inducing titles of the articles.

Like this:
Have you been seeking a new way to enjoy your bangers?  Have you? Well you'll just have to wait a minute before I share the advice they give.

But if that all sounds a touch too energetic for you, perhaps you'd prefer to read about:
Alas ... upon further reading I realised my salacious-radar had picked up on something rather more mundane than it first appeared.

Turns out the bangers in question were of the sausage kind:
Still ... might be worth a try anyway.

And as for those old balls:
Well, it really did mean old balls used for the utterly wholesome activities of feeding birds and improving 'floral decorations'.

To be honest though ... considering the book the articles came from:
Maybe I should've known better from the start ....



Various pages from this book appear in my Plundered Pages packs as we speak ... but if you'd like the exact page featured in this post just let me know and I can build it into a custom themed pack for you. 


  1. Er, yes. That is indeed what my Guide uniform looked like. J. likes the hat best - he says it has an air hostess thing he likes!

  2. This has made me smile! Given how things are over here at present, that's a real tribute to you! :)


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