Friday 14 December 2012

Christmas cards: in black & white

Hello. Ahoy.

How's the dark days before Christmas treating you? [It's 11.40am now and I'm till waiting for the sun to realise it's daytime here!]

If I hadn't had to go out this morning I don't think I'd have bothered venturing beyond my doorstep. But I had a box of papercrafting supplies waiting for me at the sorting office ... and it would've been heartless to leave them there in a cold storeroom feeling unloved ... so I braved the chill.

And, now I'm back I thought I'd share what probably ought to be [although I can't promise it actually is] my final post sharing my handmade Christmas cards. And today's offering is brought to you by the colours black, white and sepia:
As with all the Christmas cards I've shared so far, the images are from a 12x12 sheet by Pion Design [these were available here from 3DJean, but this particular sheet has now sold out]. And I think the sepia of the photos works nicely with the kraft base card.

Although, really, what doesn't go with kraft? Not much. As I've said before: kraft is the denim of the paper world!

[One day someone will beg me to combine all thesecrafty philosophies into a 'Little Book of Papercrafting Wisdom' ... I'm sure of it ... any day now]. [Actually I shouldn't really make out that that's a joke ... it's seriously on my ever expanding 'Things to do one day' list!]. Anyway ... back to the cards.

Here I had fun mixing textures combining the wooden snowflake with a glittery sticker and button, mini pompom trimming, a length of black German Scrap and a snippet of gingham ribbon:
And I repeated the trimming details on this next one too this time with a tiny feminine touch:
And I think that of all the cards on which I've used the 'Naughty or Nice' sentiment ... perhaps this image fits it best:

She certainly looks like she's having to think back about which category she falls into this year!


Thank you for not only putting up with my Christmas card 'show + tell over the last few weeks but for also being kind enough to leave encouraging comments and emails.

Consider yourself firmly written down on my 'Nice' list! In pen!

Right, I'm off to turn the heating up. Even my animal print M&S thermals are struggling today!

Julie :-)


  1. I love this monochrome look, Julie - like the outside world this week! Your attention to detail is second to none and I love the way you have this gift for putting things together so stylishly. I've loved looking at your cards :).

  2. Amazing cards Julie, the monochrome effect is fab and really stands out in the sea of reds and golds of the traditional colourways.
    Yup, pretty cold here again today, think the lights have been on pretty much all day too. Can't remember when I last had to put my headlights on for driving TO work.

  3. I am so loving all your cards Julie.


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