Sunday 2 December 2012

Christmas cards: in red & white

Hello you.

If you've witnessed the tomatoes on my windowsill [in my November Month in Numbers post] you'll be aware of how much I like to arrange things in colour-order!

So now, following on from the pink Christmas card I shared last week, here's a couple more in the same style ... but in red this time:
As much as I love the vintage Pion images I didn't really want to do a full on vintage look with them so tried to incorporate bright reds and fun touches with the embellishments:
Now, here's quick question for any cardmakers amongst you:
  • do you use alphabet stickers on your cards?
  • Or do you prefer to use a stamp or a pre-preinted greeting?
I only ask as I think alpha-stickers are more often found associated with scrapbooking and yet I find them just as useful for customising and personalising cards:
Obviously success with using alpha stickers on cards depends on a combination of:
  • the size the card
  • the size of your stickers ...
  • and the length of the word you want to spell out!
But there are lots of small alphas available ... so you should be able to fit even really looooonnnnnggg greetings on there with a bit of creative kerning!
The only thing I found difficult while using these particular images ... 
... is sticking to the 'these-are-actually-Christmas-cards' plan and stopping myself from thinking up funny captions to go underneath them!

[However I didn't bother to restrain myself earlier in the year, when I made this card and this one using the romantic images from the same range.]

As a younger sibling I look at this particular one and wonder about that as-if-butter-wouldn't-melt look the older girl is giving the camera. I reckon that the very moment the shot was taken the little one ended up unceremoniously shoved through that door on the left!

 If you're not already too bored of these cards, I'll share some more ... the next in the rainbow of colours I've made ... next week. See you then.

Happy December to you!

Julie :-)

[p.s: Let's face it ... chances are I'm going to be sharing the rest of the cards whether or not you're bored of them... it's not that I don't respect your feelings or anything ... but, y'know, I'm just fond of the cards ... and I've already photographed them. All 156 of them.]

[p.p.s there aren't really 156 of them. Yet].

Some of the supplies used:
Vintage images: from the 'Grandma's Attic' range by Pion [they were from 3DJean but are not in stock at the moment]
Leaf pins + seam binding: The Ribbon Girl
Heart pins + cabochon: 3DJean
Black + white paper; kraft ticket: by Collections Elements [from 3DJean]
Paper flower + leaf: Prima


  1. LIke Jacky, I love that first one!

  2. The red is super with these vintagey images. I am afraid that fiddly sticky letters and my fingers ... not a match made in heaven!

  3. Love this style:) I often think of witty (well what I think is witty) quotes to go on these type of cards too.

  4. I use letter stickers on cards to personalize (and letter stamps) I also use fonts printed out - loads of digi alphas look just right and you can make 'em whatever size/colour you want.

    Oh and that 'yet' comment made me laugh :)

    If you have created 156 cards and then photographed 'em, the least we can do is admire.

  5. Only 156 photographed? You slacker!

    These are fun - they will surely brighten the recipients' day!

  6. oh go on - i'd like to see the funny quotes. As always brilliant vintage cards x


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