Monday 31 December 2012

My Month in Numbers 2012: December

Hello, hello.

I know you know, but just in case ...
  • around this time every month I blog a summary of the events and everyday moments of the previous 4 weeks using a numerical thread to gently draw the randomness of it all together and ... 
  • I do it month in and month out. 
  • Next month will mark the start of my 4th year of Month in Numbers-ing. [It's one of the very few good habits I've actually committed myself to!]
  • Every month I throw down the measuring gauntlet to one and all to join me in doing the same...
  • ... and I'm happy to report that every month someone does! A regular dozen or so someones with others dropping in from time to time in fact!
  • And I'm aways glad to watch your links coming in and getting to glimpse into how your 4 weeks added up too.  
Now, I know some months some of you write about how you forgot all about it ... but I think we might be OK this month as December is particualrly unique in its 'hey the month's ending, let's celebrate' style of festivities! In fact they're throwing My Month in Numbers parties all over the world tonight - and there's a countdown live on TV too - so hopefully that will jog your memory this time round. [OK, OK, so they may not all be Month in Numbers parties ...]

But in case December 31st really has crept up on you please remember that - while I blog mine at the end of the month - the invitation is open to you anytime throughout the following month ... indeed for months afterwards and the majority of you do blog and/or scrap your numbers for the previous month in the new one.

And, in my eyes, they all still count.

[Get it? Count? Numbers? ... Apologies, but it's neither the first nor last time I'll use that pun, so best just embrace it.]

Anyway ... here's my December 2012:

12.12.12 = the unusually repetitive date which occurred.

Its uniqueness made me want to capture a moment with a self-portrait - which turned out to be a pretty poor shot - but I couldn't really delete it as that kind of date doesn't happen very often:
Actually ... to push the point, it's the kind of date which I'm not likely to see again in my lifetime.

The next one's not until 01.01.01 - the 1st of January 2101 ...

... which is 88 years away ...

... when I'll be 124.

But hey, before we all get morose, I'm no defeatist ... I might just manage it if I eat and drink wisely... which brings me to ...

3 = the number of Christmas Lunches eaten. Here's the first, consumed on December 1st with 6 friends:
There were actually 3 courses to this meal but by the time the starter arrived my human appetite for food overcame my blogger's appetite for photos ... and I ate it before I had chance to document it!

Having a Christmas meal on the first day of December was a great way to kick of the festive season, so much so that our table was congratulated by the waiting staff for being the only group so far to have worn our paper party hats right throughout lunch! Plus is was far enough away to give me time to work up an appetite for the other 2 Christmas lunches I had on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

2 = the number of rabbits which went into James's first ever rabbit pie which he made for Christmas Eve:
It was the first time I'd ever tried rabbit and I can report that ... in the tradition of all newly-tried meats it duly tasted like ... wait for it ... yes, you guessed it ... chicken!

But really lovely chicken at that - James is a much better recipe-follower than me. However, I did offer a helping hand in its construction including an all-important detail ...

2 = the number of bunny ears I made to decorate the top:
I know.

They kind of lost something of their character in the baking coming out  rather less bunny-ear-looking than when they went in.

In fact, in the first photo I took of them I accidentally had the pie the other way up, sort of spun round 180 degrees ... and, in that position, they actually looked more like ... well, I'm too polite to say ... just turn your head ... and use your imagination ... or maybe don't.

It might be for the best.

3 = the surprisingly low number of alcoholic drinks indulged in over Christmas due to having a cold which left me fit for nothing but drinking cough mixture.

[And, yes thank you, I did have a cough! What do you take me for?]

And on a further non-alcoholic note ...

24 =  the number of cans of Root Beer I received for Christmas after dropping a hint or two:
I also got a subscription to one of my favourite puzzle books so, at this rate I've worked out that during 2013 I'll be able to enjoy:
  •  2 cans of root beer and
  • a whole puzzle book to myself each and every month of the year.
Imagine such a thing if you can.

It's almost like I'm rock and roll to my very core ... isn't it?


OK, those were mine. How about yours?

If you're thinking of joining me here's a quick re-cap of ...

... the Month in Numbers 'etiquette':If you write a post and want to leave a link for myself and others to visit and/or pin to the Pinterest board  please bear in mind it has a shared aspect to it.
  • When you swing by my blog to drop off a link to your Month in Numbers post - please leave a comment for me while you're there. Not because I'm needy ... but because it feels fair. Reciprocal.
  • Please link to my blog in your post. As much as I'd like to think that everyone who reads your blog already knows what 'My Month in Numbers' means... the truth is, they don't. So unless you explain where the idea comes from and how your readers can join you in doing the same next month, they are none the wiser.
  • Please take time at some point in the month to visit and comment on a few of the other posts too. [This part's really easy to do by just dropping by the Pinterest board - even if you're NOT a member - and clicking the image to read the original blog posts behind them].
And, if you're not joining in ... thank you for making it to the end of another of my statistical oddities just the same.

Right then ... there's a really big number breathing down my neck so I'm going to get out of the way until 2013 has nudged its way in!

See you on the other side.

Julie :-)


  1. Oh this so made me smile - those puzzle books look intriguing, TFS and yes I looked at the rabbit ears upside down (and giggled!) and yes I'll be blogging my numbers later this week. Just wanted to jump on now though and wish you a very Happy New Year and thanks for all your great, witty, entertaining posts in 2012. Have a great New Years eve x

  2. Hmm, yes I believe you that they were meant to be bunny ears!
    I've loved discovering your blog this year and look forward to smiling along with your stories in 2013.

    My month is shown here

  3. Wishing you a Happy New Year Julie x
    Love the look of that rabbit pie :) it does taste rather like chicken doesn't it.

    Here is my month in numbers

  4. I love that kind of dates too. And yes, I documented 12:34:56 on 7.8.9 and 10.10.10 and 11.11.11 and of course 12.12.12 which you can see today at "My year in numbers":

    yay! I guessed the taste! ;) Lovely to have so many celebration this month. Enjoy your puzzles and the root beer. Rock and roll darling!

  5. Happy New Year Julie, here's to a successful 4th year with MIN. x

  6. The Christmas lunch looks yummy! I can't believe you've been doing this for four years - that's an a amazing accomplishment. Congrats!

  7. the pie looks delicious

    still loving the month in numbers - creating mine and reading others

    posted mine on

    thanks as ever

  8. Well now, don't you learn something new every day :) I didn't know you were a root beer fan!

    Have a wonderful 2013 Julie, with lots and lots of the kind of numbers you enjoy the most. Happy New Year!

  9. Aw, what a fabulous month!
    That said, Rabbit Pie :( I am almost crying! Poor TWO rabbits :) I am only kidding, I eat lamb for crying out loud!!!!!
    I am back on the blog now after a big gap, so I thought I would join in :)
    Hope to see you soon!

  10. So that's 2 things I didn't know about you! Root beer and a puzzle lover ... :). A great set of photos and I will be making a determined effort to join you every month htis year. I've even written it down in my diary :).

  11. Happy new year - and here is my month in numbers -

  12. Hi there, a fellow blogger does this and I think it's fab so I would love to join in this year. :)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Better late than never!! Here are my numbers for December Julie x


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