Tuesday 4 December 2012

Christmas cards: in green + peach

Hello hello.

Just swooping in with a quick pre-Elementary post tonight. Because in my world everything stops for Elementary. Sometimes even breathing ... oh ... my ...

Nw look what you've made me do. Who mentioned Johnny Lee Miller? And his eyes. I'm sure I came here to say something el... oh yes Christmas cards.

For those of you who left comments on my previous post then I should just say [a] thanks and [b] no, I didn't really make 156 Christmas cards. I was exaggerating. Wildly. Although by the time I finish blogging the ones I did make ... we may all feel like there were at least 156 of them. If not more.]

So, I'd best move straight on to them!

 Last time I shared cards in red and white and now we're moving on to splashes of red with shades of green:
On this card I used one of the techniques I return to again and again but more often in my scrapping and art journaling: using up the leftover surrounds from a sheet of label stickers. Here I have them poking out behind the vintage-style Santa image as I liked the way the colours matched!
This next one's probaby the most traditionally Christmassy of them all:
And now we're back to some smaller cards with the 'lets-skew-everything-and-push-the-layers-slightly-beoynd-the-edge-of-the-base-card' design I'm currently favouring:
And another:
As with all of my Santa image cards, I've used the printed image as the inspiration for the colours across the rest of the card:
And, because each of the 15 Santas on the sheet was different ... each card naturally turned out differently
  And the final few [for now!] are just peachy. No, really, look:
And finally, does anyone know why Santa's on the phone in this next one? Or, for that matter, why the phone's on a tree?
OK, I'm going to leave you t ponder that one while I go ponder Johnny Lee Miller ...

Julie :-)

Vintage-style Santa images by Pion available here from 3DJean.
Lots of trimmings + pins from my friends at The Ribbon Girl


  1. These are all just, well, peachy! I love your style, Julie - each one individually designed, and all the elements chosen to suit the colours of those fun Santas! (Yes, the three phone!) Splendid ...

  2. Julie - your cards are so pretty! I love how magical they look :)

    As for Santa on the phone... perhaps he's calling for help!! Maybe the reindeer's ran outta gas! ;)

  3. Cool idea about the sticker´s borders!
    Each card is so different and yet the style is consistently outstanding. :)

  4. Johnny Lee Miller is very, very distracting. I was not sure that I would enjoy Elementary but I have to admit I love it. One of the best bits was Sherlock's bucket of locks. I suggested a bucket of locks to my son as a Christmas gift but he wasn't taken with the idea.

  5. Oh wow, I am so in love with your cards. Seriously. They are beautiful.x


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