Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas Cards: in turquoise + kraft

Hello again.

Yes ... I really am going to talk about Christmas cards  ... again. For the fourth time this month.

But hey, if I can't talk about them now, you're never going to let me do it after Christmas when all the twinkle is less ... twinkly and the warm festive glow is not quite as... glowy. So I'm going to take advantage of your good will to all cardmakers for a couple more posts. Starting now:
Believe it or not I found this card in the bottom of my crafting tote in what was almost like a crafter's equivalent of an archaeological dig!

I was scrabbling round looking for blank square kraft cards when I came across a handful of half finished general greeting cards I'd started over a year ago!

Some just had the first background layer stuck down while others, like this one, came complete with journaling block and bunting. So rather than put them to one side and keep on hunting for blank cards ... I just chose the best colour-matching Santa and tucked him in beneath the pre-existing layers:
And, while there's nothing especially festive about the background, journaling card or bunting ... I think that sticking a Santa on something along with the words 'Season's Greetings' is probably enough to fool anyone!
This is another one which I found with a pre-made background, but the sepia images I used meant I didn't have any colour-co-ordinating to do here:
I just added lots of pretty layers of embellishments, lace, leaves, pins, a button and I love the look of the tiny peg on the twine [I think I'll be plagiarising myself at a later date with that idea!]:

If you missed any of the posts in my 'I-was-so-surprised-to-have-willingly-made-lots-of-Christmas-cards-that-I-blogged-them-all' series you can catch up on the rainbow here:
Thanks for stopping by today. If your weather's anything like ours then, if you do have to go out, make sure you're either wearing non-slip soles ... or lots of bubble-wrap.

Or both.

Julie x


  1. what a fun find - I do love blue with brown and these muted versions are fabulous.

    Off to find the bubblewrap before venturing out to the supermarket

  2. I love turquoise for Christmas :)

  3. Just love that colour combination... Fab cards

  4. I think those colours are perfect winter the cards.

  5. These are lovely Julie, I love the kraft & turquoise combination.
    C xx

  6. These are indeed so very pretty - that's a lovely soft colour combination. And I love the roughness of the hessian/type ribbon with all the smoothness of the card and layers.

  7. Fab colours put together so beautifully !

  8. Really lovely - I usually put turquoise with red but it looks fabulous with kraft.

    Karen x


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