Tuesday 21 December 2010

Christmas comedy pitstop: David Sedaris

Hi, hi, hi.

I know this is a ridiculously busy time of year but ... have you got 20 minutes to spare?

If you just shook your head, shouted 'No' and shot me a contemptuous look then let me be clear ... it's only your ears that need to be free for the next 20 minutes. Your hands can be as busy as you like.


OK then, now I that have your ears, allow me to treat them to one of my all time favourite pieces of comedy writing from David Sedaris, which he reads from in the videos below [ I can't find it in less than 3 sections on Youtube but it is only about 20 mins in total though - you don't need to see the pictures - they've just been added on after].

It's a very funny look at Christmas tradition and the stories told to children around the world about exactly who it is who brings their gifts.

While I can't promise you will cry laughing, I can assure you that I almost stopped breathing from the point where he says 'You might want to pack a few things ....'

So, if you want or need a break for the next 20 mins then put your feet up and press play. If you haven't got time to stop ... then put this on while you wrap gifts / bake cakes / spray the oven with fume ridden cleaner / wait for the fume ridden cleaner to magically transform your oven into a shiny new one [that's what I'm doing as I type!].

Consider this an early Christmas gift from me to you ...

Julie :-)

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the videos, they were really hilarious! Happy new year. Cheers from France, S.


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