Friday, 3 December 2010

Experimenting with Mica tiles Pt2

Hi there. How's things?

Me? I went into work for an hour then did a spot of arm-lengthening Christmas shopping. Whether or not I succumbed to buying myself a few things [like a t-shirt, some dark chocolate and wire-bird ornament for example] remains to be confirmed ...

Do you remember my post last month where I shared my first attempts at creating collages trapped between two layers of Mica Tile? [If not you can catch it here] Well I thought I'd update you with another example.

There's birds involved here too. I'm nothing if not predictable:

Sparrows - collaged mica tile

I cut the two little sparrows cosying up to each other on a branch from a page of an old Edwardian Lady book and added a fragment of an old dictionary page in the top right. You know me .... I've always got to have text on my work somewhere or else it feels to naked ... or rather it feels too quiet. I especially liked how the particular scrap of dictionary began with the word 'fragility' which I felt suited the little birds.

So that's what I used as my foreground 'but what', I hear you ask, 'is that lovely softly blended colourful background?'

Sparrows - collaged mica tile

That, my friends, is an alcohol-ink-effect technique which I fell upon entirely by chance ... and I love it! It uses up something which would otherwise be thrown away - which is a shame - and it's not only me who thinks that. I've heard several people express much the same thing.

And I'll tell you what that thing is tomorrow when I'll post a full photo-tutorial on a little item I made using the technique and explain everything.

So, how about meeting me back here tomorrow when I'll tell all? Oh, but one last thing ...

... have you got alcohol inks and Mica tiles handy? No? Good! Because you won't need either of them ...

See you then then.

J :-)


  1. I'm looking forward to your tutorial tomorrow as I've never been tempted by alchol inks(shock horror!) They always looked a bit tricky for someone a bit heavy handed.

  2. These look incredible and I'm very excited about your tutorial :)


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