Friday 17 December 2010

Gift tags: Personalised + pretty

Hi, hi, hi.

I guess some of you might have something more adventurous to do on a Friday night than blog about gift tags ... but not me. Which is kind of how I like it. Anyways, I've had enough thrills already tonight in watching The Mentalist [well, yeah, OK, I was watching Simon Baker more than the plotline ... ] but I promise that you have my undivided attention for the next few blogging minutes.

For some reason, like I don't have enough to do, I decided that I ought to be handmaking my gift tags again this year. So armed with samples of my gift wrap, for obsessive colour-matching purposes, I raided my stash for suitable bits and pieces.
So far they've all been made from off-cuts of card I've been keeping for just such an occasion. I then decorated them with ribbons; punched snowflakes and snippets of vintage paper, old dictionary pages and quotes die-cuts: While reading through some of the definitions on the random dictionary pages I had, I realised some of them suited some of the gifts I'll be giving: While others picked out something of the personality of the recipients:
I'll have to make more than these few, but I couldn't make lots of this particular kind of tag though as I ran out of the really appropriate dictionary entries.

After I'd used up the best ones, there were certainly other words left behind on the pages I had but, well ... they weren't necessarily the best for this festive occasion.

I mean, would you want the definition of 'lice' tied to a gift beneath your tree next Saturday morning?

No. Thought not. I guess I'll be changing the design for my next batch ...

Julie ;-)


  1. Great tags. did you have enough ribbon?

  2. I love the colours that you've used - and how personalised these are.

    Also loving the new blog header x


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