Saturday 18 December 2010

Simple stamped Christmas Cards with 'colouring-in'.

Hello hello.

Rather than dwell on the important presents I've still not bought ... and the others which have been despatched but not due until the last possible minute ... I thought I'd share a small success I've had this Christmas season.

For the majority of my Christmas cards this year [by which I mean the majority of the handmade ones ... I certainly didn't make all the ones I'm sending!] I've taken a leaf out of my friend TinkerTaylor's book to make simpler, speedier cards by stamping an image directly onto the card, rather than get waylaid in layering and fanciness! You can see her original blog post on this idea here.

The image I used is from Stampendous and is described on their site as a stamp which depicts a villa in the bright Italian sun ... so it's not strictly a Christmas stamp!

But I reckoned that, with the correct use of colour and a good dose of glittery Stickles ... the scene could pass as a festive one:
As usual, when I'm let loose with the ProMarkers, I had a high old time sitting down and spending time colouring-in. Which is the main reason they're all different ... so that I could play with artistically express myself with more colours ...

The final touch was a 'Merry Christmas' sentiment stamp from Banana Frog and that's it.

If you're expecting a handmade, hand-deliverd card from me this year ... errm ... I guess you know what to expect now. As for me ... I'd better get a move on delivering them to you hadn't I?

If there's a world of snow outside your door, stay safe and warm. It hasn't reached us [this time round] quite yet ... so hopefully I can go back out tomorrow to finish up my shopping. And if my last-ditch efforts fail?

... then expect to see a tutorial on 'hand-stamping a grovelling-yet-attractive I.O.U' on here in the near future ...


Julie :-)


  1. These are fab, simple is the way to go at Christmas.

  2. I love all of the variations - they're beautifully done.


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