Sunday 19 December 2010

Kitsch Christmas deer cards

Good evening to you. How's things?

When I signed off yesterday's post by declaring that the snow hadn't reached us this time around ... I spoke to soon. It fell softly and silently overnight and we awoke, once again to a white blanket and the sound of shovel on driveway.

Luckily this new snowfall seems to have put many people off shopping today, so we actually managed to buy most of our last minute gifts without being surrounding by marauding hoards. We also got to drop in on a shop which, after standing empty for months, has now been handed over to local new businesses to support and test out their venture. This included several handmade craft sellers which makes such a welcome change for our town centre ... I hope the it's extended beyond Christmas time as it's only a two minute walk from work ... and could see myself becoming a regular! [To anyone local - it's the shop nextdoor to HMV].

Anyway, here's what's likely to be the final installment of my Christmas cards I think. Because [a] I'm not planning on making many more [but I MUST remember I need to make one for James!] and [b] I've been making Christmas projects for magazines ever since July and now ... well, this month I'm beginning work on Spring/Easter commissions so I'm really out of synch with the calendar!

However, the coquettish little smirk on this Stamps Away deer's face has managed to keep me interested in this last batch of cards:

Like the cards I shared yesterday, this batch all use the same stamps, but have been coloured-in with different shades of ProMarker and have been given a splash of Stickles glitter and a length of co-ordinating ribbon: The 'Merry & Bright' sentiment is from Banana Frog.

I didn't only stick to natural deer colours ... how about a little turquiose and pink version for that kitschy Christmas feel?Which reminds me ... I must go and get the cutie-kitsch angel I found in a charity shop [who I blogged about here] down from my craft room shelf.

This is the perfect time for her to be freed from her original box and allowed to stretch her wings while the house looks as glimmering and sparkly as it does right now.

Who knows, she may even end up in her rightful place on top of a tree for the first time in who knows how long ...

I hope you get time to spread your wings and sparkle this Christmastime too.

Julie x


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