Tuesday 7 December 2010

Overheard: Are Santa's Elves in a union?

Hi there.

One reason not to wear ear-muffs despite this wintry weather is that they'd block out all those potentially amusing overheards I like so much!

So, with cold ears, I bring you one stretching back to early 2008 from the first seminar back on campus after the Christmas break.

I was in place, poised to take the usual class notes for a student, when the lecturer welcomed everyone back and posed the following question:

Lecturer: Did everyone have a good Christmas?

Here the look on one of the students faces must have indicated that no, he hadn't ...

Lecturer: No Ben? Why not?

Ben: I had to work Christmas Day didn’t I?

Lecturer: Why? Who do you work for? ..... Santa?

And at that punchline I had another one of my 'hopefully no one can see what I'm actually writing down' moments!

So, while Ben didn't work for Santa after all [apparently he worked in a pub!] ... this little guy certainly does:He's a Sweet Pea Stamp design available from 3DJean and, if you're that way inclined you can hop over now to this post on the Scattered Scarlet design team blog where I've made a few other versions of this card using different colour-schemes.It's a nice stamp to colour-in ... plus he's cute ...and he has a dog .... so what's not to like?

And coming from me ... someone who doesn't usually do cute ... and is terrified of dogs ... then he really must be nice!

If you think you might have missed any of my overheard conversations you can always catch up by clicking on the 'Overheard' tab at the top of the page ^^^ up there!

Thanks for reading today.



  1. Your overheard is so funny. Love the card too

  2. Santa's elves are definitely in a union. I have personal experience of this.

  3. Not sure about the union for elves - surely they'd have negotiated Christmas Day off after all those sterling efforts the night before? Sounds as if they NEED one!


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