Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tips for the Twitter-curious. 'Tweet-lifting' or scrapbooking your Tweets.


This week's Tips for the Twitter-curious lessons have been focussing on some highly practical hints to make the most of your Twitter account. And what could be more practical than recycling your tweets and combining them into your other pastimes?

Next Monday's lesson will look at the artistry and poetry I find within Twitter [believe it or not!] and I'll have some more ideas on how to combine Twitter with creative work, but for now I thought I'd show you some of my scrapbook layouts on which the journaling consists entirely of words I'd previously tweeted!

Here's one featuring a conversation I had about my choice of accessories ... with a postman ... at the mail depot:

And here's the original tweet, lifted directly from Twitter and put straight down on paper:

Notice his pause while he flounders around for a word to describe it ... and how he didn't say it was a 'nice' necklace!

This little slice of life may not have made it to a scrapbook page if I hadn't jotted it down on Twitter when I got home. And yet, if something's noteworthy enough to share on Twitter ... why not grab it and scrap it too?

The same goes for matching up those random photos us scrapbookers often take, with some journaling to match and suddenly, you've got a page:

Even pre-Twitter I was a staunch believer in scrapbooking my 'everyday' rather than special occasions and birthdays ... which is possibly why I love Twitter, and it's daily narrative, so very much. [If you need a closer look - click on the image].

Library books tweet LO

It's amazing how a photo of a book and my breakfast - combined with a tweet written at the time - can take me back directlyto that specific, yet otherwise average, summer's day:


Tweets and scrapbooking are a perfect match. Lots of people struggle with journaling ... but if you tweet .. you're half way to a finished page already.

As this isn't an official 'lesson' ... I don't think I dare set you any of you scrapbookers any official 'homework' but ...

... if my pages do inspire you to 'tweet-lift' yourself sometime do make sure to let me know and I'll pop over and see it.

Right then, I'll see you bright and early tomorrow for Lesson 6. No need to get dressed-up too much ... we're not going to be going very far ...


p.s I've got no room this week to tell you about my latest etsy update, but I have just listed some new collages!

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  1. I like the way ou mix paper/journaling/pictures.
    really great !


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