Friday, 23 March 2012

Introducing ... my 'Interesting Bits'!

Hello, hello.

I was going to blog about my Interesting Bits this time last week before I went away for the weekend ... but then most of them sold straight away and I had nothing really to show you.

But now I'm back ... and so are my Bits! The latest are in the shop now:
So, what exactly are Interesting Bits? Well, as I say in the product description:

*INTERESTING BITS* are a range of eclectic, carefully curated, colour co-ordinated, creative supplies for use in your papercrafting, collage work, art journaling ... and more.

They're a lot of fun for me to put together and I hope that this carries through to custmers who can then enjoy using them.

What they are:
  • Each pack contains a mix of co-ordinating papers of all kinds, ranging from patterned, branded papers, to speciality sheets such as handmade paper, vinyl and foil.
  • There are a whole host of embellishments packed inside and I've loved combining a multitude of .. well ... interesting bits in there!
What they can be used for:
  • They'd be great to take to a crop as all you'd really need to add is blank card/s and adhesive and you'd be good to go!
  • They're perfect for a quick burst of inspiration as there's so many intriguing, out-of-the-ordinary, bits and bobs in there.
  • They'd make a great starting point for a set of co-ordinating cards or for a mini-book or a small shrine type project as everything already works well with everything else in the pack:
The entire contents of each kit features in the product photos - which is time consuming - but hopefully worth it, I like to think people will spot something in there that they just simply CANNOT live without.

Like yellow googly eyes, purple feathers ...

... or a fluorescent cow.

If oyu'd like to get your hands on my Interesting Bits ... swing by my shop by clicking any of the images in this post.


Before I leave the hard-sell for another week ... if you've been waiting for me to add some new Plundered Pages [and I know some of you have ...]:
  • I've put together 6 new themes - 5 of which are travel related [in time for the upcoming summer holiday scrapping and journaling]. 
  • They just need putting into packets and photographing ... which I'll do as soon as I've typed this and then I aim to get them uploaded this weekend.
  • There's also a new listing in the shop detailing how to arrange a custom pack of your own - which you can read here. [I have a very interesting theme to go and seek out for one customer today ... I love it when I get a challenge like that!]

OK then, I'll be back soon with either a card or a scrapbook page to share. Have a great weekend.

Julie :-)


  1. These are brilliant, such a good idea. No I simply couldn't live without the googly eyes, or the little blue grapes! x

  2. What a unique idea - very different :)

  3. These look great! A great challenge for the crafting mojo.

  4. These look fantastic Julie, another brilliant idea.
    C xx

  5. Simply stunning colour combos..such a fantastic idea. Love them.


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