Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sian's Storytelling Sunday: What's That Coming Over the Hill?

Hello, hello.

On the first Sunday of each month Sian, over at From High in the Sky, shares a story ... and invites anyone reading to do the same. It can be a tale as long and involved or short and sweet as you like, even a story told in photos. Whatever it is you want to tell, Sian wants to hear.

[If you want to read more on taking part, the details of Storytelling Sunday are here and then visit Sian's March 2012 story here, where you can leave a link to your own, or simply visit others].

Here's mine ...

What's That Coming Over the Hill?
 I can't remember when this happened. But it did happen. For sure. Yep.

I'm almost certain that I didn't dream it ...
Once upon a time, not so very long ago [although I can't remember exactly when] my Mam and I decided to walk to a small retail park on the outskirts of town - for both a little bit of exercise and some retail therapy once we got there.

To reach our destination we had to walk along past my old primary school and along where the path begins to climb up and over an old railway bridge. And from that side of the bridge, you can't really see what lies beyond.

And, usually, nothing does lie beyond it apart from a B&Q store ahead, a car showroom on the right and an empty field on the left.


But not this time.

As we reached the crest of the hill, I remember seeing something in the Usually Empty Field and exclaiming: "What's that ...?"
 And, once we'd both looked ... and once our eyes and brains had had a quick discussion over whether they believed each other ... me and Mam came to the realisation that 'that' was in fact ...

... an elephant!

 Yes. An. Elephant.

And a real, fully grown, living, breathing one at that.

I don't think I could breathe for laughing for quite sometime afterwards. It was one of those, my-stomach-muscles-can't-take-any-more laughs.

It was such an incongruous sight.

In fact, there's a snigger building up inside me now, as I sit here writing this.

An elephant I tells you.

An elephant!!!!


Thanks Sian - Storytelling Sunday gave me the shove I needed, as I've been meaning to document this moment for a long time.

Julie :-)


p.s: For the record - I live in NE England ...and not the grasslands of Asia or Africa. Elephants are not what you might call an everyday feature around here ...

p.p.s: It turns out it was there with a travelling circus who were setting up on the field. And the less I think about the fact it was in captivity, the more I'm able to still smile about the pure, dreamlike, moment of wonder and confusion the day we came over the hill ... and saw the elephant.


  1. I'm now singing that song.......apart from that I'm smiling at the thought of you stumbling upon an elephant. It was just as well you had someone else with you. I'm definitely sure it was one of those 'I can't believe my eyes' moments.

  2. That story will stay in my mind forever giving me a smile.

  3. Great title Julie ... always embrace the unexpected!

  4. Whenever I hear that song I will think of your elephant. I love memories that when they spring to mind you can't just help but smile. I can imagine you both rushing home and through the door saying "you never guess what we saw today"

  5. What a giggle, if you hadn't felt in need of the excercise you might never have seen this!
    (Julie,I've just received your message and have sent you another email. Don't know what's happened to the previous two that I mailed unless perhaps that elephant trod on them lol! please mail me back if you receive it.)Thanks,Julie.x

  6. Oh what a wonderful find - so glad you went up to the top of the hill to see what you could see :)

  7. thanks for the message, have done as requested.x

  8. Now that's certainly something you wouldn't expect to see! Love your title!

  9. This one has really made me smile....and 'Nellie the elephant' is going round and round in my head!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog today Julie....I lived in the NE for twelve years before coming here, and NEVER saw an elephant..I can just imagine you and your mum's faces!
    Alison xx

  11. What an amazing suprise! If only it had been a zebra... I'm glad you've got the story told now as it's such a fun one! x

  12. Brilliant! I love the story, I love the layout and I love that it reminds me of the time my Mum saw a lion :) Like you say, when one story leads to another..perfect.

    Many thanks for joining in with this one Julie :)

  13. oh nelly the elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus........maybe she was getting ready to leave. cool sight for you to see,
    jo xxxx

  14. fabulous story! fabulous LO! lot your doily hill!

  15. Love the layout and love the story. Definitely a very random sight near a retail park!
    I used that song when teaching Frankenstein to my year 13's - but it may take on a new meaning now!

  16. Funny! The same thing happened to me 2 years ago while going to the Post Office. It's indeed the weirdest thing in the middle of a city.
    Cheers from France

  17. Great lo to tell a wonderfully random tale

  18. that is a great story and I really like your Lo the elephant paper is wonderful xxx

  19. I loved this story Julie! Very well told and love the layout with the elephants (I saw them and did not believe it could be an elephant until you said it!!)

  20. What a fabulous story and sight to see! Now I'm singing that song!!! thank you so much for visiting me Julie.
    p.s. Love your LO, so much beautiful detail.
    p.p.s. Love that pot x

  21. Well, at least it wasn't pink! Otherwise, I would be imagining that you and your mam had partaken in a little preprandial before setting off. Great story and layout.

  22. Such a cute story! When you're a child, it seems like anything is possible, even seeing an elephant. And this day it was true! :)

  23. Superb story telling ~ so surreal, it must be true!

  24. I love it!!! The story and the amazing paper you used on that page which has a great feel!
    Also, I know I am late but it was done during February so maybe it still counts, I posted a tutorial for a sunburst state map on my blog today:

  25. What a fantastic story and memory to keep in mind and heart :)

  26. This story really made me laugh, I don't know what I would have thought if it had been me :)

  27. That would have been a surprise alright and definitely NOT what you were expecting. I laughed. I love the paper elephant in the last picture. It reminded me of the elephant in the Mr Men books. So cute!


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