Sunday, 11 March 2012

Scrapbook layout: Somebody To Lean On

Hello, hello.

I don't know about where you are but we're currently in the grip of what can only be called 'glorious weather'. Sunshine, blue sky, open doors, fresh air. So I haven't yet quite got around to finishing off the 3 scrapbook pages I started at yesterday's crop. But here's one I made earlier ...

I seem to say this quite a lot in relation to scrapbooking, but yet again ... this page started with a photo I'd printed off simply because I liked it.  Nothing more. No idea what the page would be about. No grand occasion to document. No great artistic photo skills to show off.

Just one of those everyday 'almost-up-the-nostrils' shots of a girl leaning on her boy's shoulder:
Although ... when I say there's no grand occasion here to document I might be wrong ...

... because James [he of the shoulder] actually took the photo while we were queuing to go down a drift mine, just right before they issued us with hard-hats. Which, believe it or not, isn't exactly an everday occurrence round here ...
[We were at the Beamish 'living museum' in case you were wondering. Or maybe you were just thinking 'Well, she is from the North, they all go down't pit don't they?'].

So ... getting back to the shoulder ...
The journaling block is cut from a Fancy Pants paper and the adorable bunny is part of a hybrid kit by Kirsty Neale:
That's why I liked the photo enough to print it out, and to scrap it.
The papers I used are from the Basic Grey 'Olivia' range, which came complete with the pre-doodled doodling.
I have a bit of a renewed love for scrapbooking at the moment, [not that I ever went off it] so no doubt I'll be back soon with another page.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

Julie :-)


  1. That's a lovely page... Love those bunnies..

  2. I've got the song in my head now! fabulous layout Julie.

  3. It's interesting to hear who to approach a page, for some reason, I always thought you'd have a plan :)

  4. I love these colours with your photo - and of course, your sweet sentiment. Glad he's up to the job! And admire you little friends bottom right. :)

  5. love it! funny, at the moment, i'm also churning out LOs like there's no tomorrow - after months and months of not really making any......

  6. So cute! love the sassy colors and patterns! We've had glorious weather here in southern California lately. But sadly, it comes to an end this week with clouds and drizzle.

  7. I love the fact that you have journelled on a pre-printed tag and ignored the printing on it to say what you wanted - very liberating!

  8. Hurrah! Gorgeous layout - thanks so much for including my rabbit. Who knew I'd be so happy finding myself sandwiched between your nostrils and a Cathy Cullis doll?!


  9. Lovely! This just popped up in my Reader this morning. A nice surprise


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