Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Plundering Pages for Cardmaking: Osprey birthday card

Hi, hi, hi.

Here's another of the cards I've made using a typical 'Plundered Pages' type image as a focal point - this time a bird illustration from an old childrens' encyclopedia:
  • Many of the pages I include in the packs are taken from my collection of childrens' encyclopedias and annuals and the illustrations found on those kind of pages are often an ideal size for cardmaking.
  • They're also often already fairly square or rectangular so they only really need snipping around and they're ready for adding on top of all the usual layers you'd use on your cards:
If you're new to using vintage/found images on your cards then just think of using them in place of:
  • large stamped images;
  • stamped or digi-stamped characters you'd usually colour in yourself;
  • digital images printed from CDs etc;
  • layered flowers / doilies / die cuts /decoupage etc.
Basically you can use vintage illustrations in place of any of your usual larger focal points.

Meanwhile ... all the other things familiar to cardmaking can carry on as normal around it:
Just because you're putting old, retro, vintage images to use ... it really doesn't mean you need to change your entire crafting style. You really can incorporate them into your current way of working and there's always a contemporary patterned paper to co-ordinate!

I'd love to hear from you if you've used a vintage image on a card [it doesn't have to be one from my packs!]. So let me know - or link me up so I can drop by to see.
Click to see more examples
There's more where this came from ... so I'll be back very soon with another example.

Until then ... happy crafting!



Shop update:
I've added 6 new Plundered Pages packs to the shop this week, the majority of which are travel / world themed so people can stock up for some summer holiday themed crafting ... and a spot of Olympic games fever sneaked in there too.

Meanwhile No.6 is completely different .. and was a lot of fun to compile!

 They are:
  1. 'Maps and Charts' [small pack] .... and ...


  1. Fab card Julie, your plunder works wonders !!

  2. really beautiful card. i envy your card making skills.

  3. Wow, gorgeous and unique card! I love it.


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