Thursday, 29 March 2012

Plundering Pages for cardmaking: Fasten Your Seatbelts

Hi again.

Today's card builds on something I mentioned in my previous post [the one with the osprey illustration] that:
  • many retro illustrations taken from kids' annuals, storybooks and encyclopedias are often square or rectangular in shape, making them ideal to feature on a card.
  • and, more often than not, in stories from annuals in particular, they're already set out in framed scenes such as this one:
Click to see more projects featuring vintage papers
So, once I'd selected the image I wanted to use [for an especially adorable little boy's 3rd birthday] all I had to do was:
  • cut around it;
  • mount it on to a patterned paper;
  • and add that on top of a card I'd covered with gingham paper and wrapped a ribbon around:
My finishing touches were made from some brown + white baker's twine threaded through a button and an old 7Gypsies word sticker:
So, hopefully, if you've never used vintage images before [or if your Plundered Pages are still lying unmolested in your stash bag] I hope I've begun to change your mind ... or to at least make you consider testing it for yourself! 

Make sure to let me know or link me up when you do! And if a step-by-step wouod be of any use to you ... just give me a shout!

I'll be back on Saturday with My Month in Numbers, see you then then!

J x


Shop update:
I uploaded 11 brand new, one-of-a-kind, Interesting Bits kits to my shop today:
All of which meant I spent all day yesterday picking, packing and photographing an awful lot of paper and embellishments!!

[So much so in fact that today I had to explain that "Taking photos of things I sell online" was what it was that I do in front of the window all day when asked by the lady who lives directly opposite me!]

As I write, 2 of the kits have already sold, so clearly someone, other than me, out there thinks my bits are interesting too. You can drop by the shop if you'd like to see why!


  1. Fab use of vintage pages !!

  2. I found you Monday. Bought from your shop Tuesday. Bought again from your shop yesterday! So far I have only bought the interesting bits kits but now I am getting tempted by the plundered pages kits too! I must behave myself and not buy any more things until I have produced something from my 'bits'! I think the card above is fantastic and I really like the idea of using the old and the new together.

  3. fabulous card, again, j. love your kits!

  4. 'Course your bits are interesting!

    Excellent point about the square images. I'm holding that thought, thank you

  5. Love that image, you have such "interesting" bits.


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