Monday, 26 March 2012

Plundering Pages for cardmaking: Semaphore card

Hello hello.

Or 'Hi, hi, hi' as I can often be found greeting you with round here.  Which is an appropriate greeting for the card I've got to share today:
It's another card showing a way to use vintage/retro/old papers in regular modern-style crafting, combining them together with fresh up-to-date patterned paper ranges.

To make this mini 3"x3" card:
  • I used a small section of plain text as a backdrop.
  • The only thing to be careful of at this stage is making sure you read exactly what the text says before using it;
  • [I speak from experience ... I once found an old novel which I was about to cut up and happily sell in my Plundered Pages packs ... until I began to read the pages. I then discovered that the female central character was -  how shall I put it? - quite free with her 'affections' and, after a quick online search I learned that, in its day the book had been banned for obscenity!! Lesson learned!]
Anyway ... after making sure the text I'd chosen was safe for public consumption:
  • I stuck down 2 strips of pompom trim across the card;
  • then layered on a rectangle of Studio Calico chevron print paper over the top, raised on 3D foam pads;
  • I then pushed a long decorative pin down through the layer:
  • The main focal point was the section cut from an old book featuring the alphabet in semaphore which I trimmed around and mounted on 3D foam too;
  • And as it spelled out 'Hi' already, I thought it would make for a nice general greeting card:
 I really like how this one turned out ... and I'd have liked it even more if I hadn't torn that page right across the focal point too!

  • The pompom trim and the bobbly pin are both from The Ribbon Girl.
  • Studio Calico paper from Sarah's Cards
  • Similar vintage text and unique imagery can be found inside my Plundered Pages vintage paper packs via my Etsy shop.This is part of my Plundering Pages feature and you can click below for more old-with-new papercrafting project ideas:
I hope that somewhere along the line I can offer up a few ideas to show that old paper and ephemera can be used on all kinds of fresh and interesting projects.

I honestly love working with old papers because of their unique, one-of-a-kind, no-one else-will-have-quite-the-same-item, qualities but that certainly doesn't mean I only use them on vintage style / 'Heritage' projects. Because, to be honest, I don't really make anything in that style anyway!

I think I'll share a few more of the 'modern cards made with old papers' this week just to back up what I'm rambling on about!

I hope this is the start of a great week for you.

Julie :-)


  1. Great card. Love vintage papers too....well I love anything vintage really. Looking forward to seeing some more soon.

  2. Julie, I love the way you view the world. It's so refreshing and totally endearing to me! J x

  3. Lovely, lovely card - and I'll be hunting down books on semaphore too! Very stylish in this colourway. You made me smile about the content!

  4. Love the semaphore bit on the card! How perfect! I use old books in a different language and I sometimes wonder what the content means and if it appropriate! Ha!

    PS: I have been reading "Ingenius Pain" thanks to you and man, it is hard to put down! :) Thank you!

  5. Found your very inspiring blog yesterday and ordered from your etsy shop today! I love this card made with the vintage papers and the colour combinations you have used. Any chance you could put up some collages/ideas using the inspiration packs?

  6. Silly me! I meant to say your 'interesting bits' and not inspiration packs!!! (although they are inspiring).

  7. Hi Simone [I knew what you meant] and I can definitely post some inspiration projects using the kinds of things from the kits!

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll get on to it as soon as I can.

    [And thanks for your order - I'll pop it into the post this morning].


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