Tuesday 4 September 2012

Scrapbooking: Magic Beans

Morning! [Yes, it is.]

After all the excitement of yesterday's post it's probably a good time to settle down with some scrapbooking today ... especially as it features a way to use Plundered Pages [which you can now buy in a real shop!!! Oh ... yes, I forgot ... I'm meant to be settling down ...].

With vegetables ...

In the past I've scrapbooked:
  • our first homegrown tomato;
  • our first homegrown strawberry;
  • our first ,and only, homegrown squash ... and now it's the turn of ...
... our first runner beans:
But ... as you shouold be able to make out in the photos ... these aren't just any runner beans ... they're magic beans.

Not that it states 'Magic Beans' clearly on the label.

In fact, I don't think they had a label.

They're just something James picked up from a nursery and brought home ... in exchange for our prize cow. No .. hang on ... no, that wasn't James ... I'm getting him mixed up with someone aren't I?

Anyway ... I've eaten runner beans before, so wasn't expecting the treat that was awaiting us when we popped open the first ripe pod ... they're pink! Pink beans!! Pink!!
So far, so amazing. But then ... 
A few weeks later we cooked a few [up until then they'd not been making it much further than the greenhouse where they'd be picked and summarily eaten] but this night I steamed a few and ... just when you thought I couldn't get any  more excited by the colour of a bean ... [my, how you underestimate me ...]

... imagine my levels of delight when I discovered that these magic, pink, beans ... well ...

... they turn lilac when cooked!

Who knew??? [OK, maybe you did .. but I didn't!].

They're the horse of every colour of the veg world!

Then, while I was trawling my book collections, putting together entirely unconnected Plundered Pages packs ... I came across a page in a 1980's annual all about a bean family[obvs] which inspired me to get these photos scrapped and use up that perfect illustration [above] and this ridiculously appropriate text:
Thanks for reading today.

If you don't hear from me for a while, who knows, I might be off having an adventure ... up a beanstalk ...

Julie :-)

Click to visit the Plundered Pages packs currently available online
**All other papers, buttons, ribbon + pins are available from 3DJean  [today's my day to share a Design Team project and along with this layout, I've created 2 cards over on the DT blog here]


  1. Oh you do make me smile Julie :D

    And I love that ribbon threaded button!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Beautiful....you should see the potatoes we get here.....red, bright yellow, purple, orange.....a veritable rainbow of choices, none of them tasting anything very much like potato!

  4. Hmmm - we have multi-coloured bean *flowers* but I think that the beans are just plain green. Yours may indeed be magic!

  5. I bought some black dwarf beans and was very excited too, but they turned green when I cooked them :( !!
    Love your page, very distinct style that I love, especially with the plundered pages. The coloured bean one was a great find!

  6. Ha ha this made me chuckle to myself because I can see me having the exact same reaction as you! Pink beans! What's not to love? Cute LO too!

  7. I might actually be willing to eat purple beans.

  8. Hee hee! A great page and a brilliant story! Love your pink/lilac beans :)

  9. When you get back down from your beanstalk, here's a comment to tell you how much I love your page :) And what serendipitous image and text finds!


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