Wednesday 17 July 2013

Papery goodness ... for less!

Hi, hi.

Now I'm back from my litlte break away my Etsy shop is open once again and so ...

So ... just enter that code  SHORTSINPUBLIC when prompted at the checkout and I'll package up your parcel and be heading out to the Post Office with it ASAP.
Possibly with bare legs. [Thankfully - for both of us - you'll never know!]
Now, go have a browse around the shop, see what catches your eye.
See you soon.
Julie :-)


  1. Oh - THANK YOU! Off to browse and hope the stuff I have had my eye on is still in stock! J x

  2. That's a great offer and so is the one of a photo of you in shorts! It must be hot. Off to browse ... Nice to see you back :).


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