Friday 19 July 2013

Snippets of Words: Jolly tiny strip cards!

Hello hello.
You know how I like the occasional themed series here don't you?  I even advocated the use of them in my Push-Up Bra Blogging series - see if you remember this from Chapter 10 'The Freezer Meals Approach':
"And if you've got more material on a similar subject, eg. you've made a set of matching items, or in variations of colour, using a similar method etc etc:
  • that's still no reason to blog them all in one post!
  • put a feather in its cap and call it 'a mini-series'
  • then space them out over a week ... or whatever."
Well it's a case of  'physician heal thyself' because, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm taking my own advice by creating a little mini-series drawing together a whole range of different styles of greeting cards [well, up to now it's just cards ... I think there'll be a later series with other craft projects] that have one thing in common: their sentiments have all been snipped from a book page.

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Now let's start off today's 'Snippets of Words' examples with this ...
This is a set of very, very, very slim cards that I made by:
  • covering the front of an average 5x7 ish greeting card blank with patterned paper then ...
  • slicing it up into smaller cards measuring just over 1" each
  • it's a bit like when you make a patchwork quilt and slice up a larger piece into strips to save on the faffing about!! If that makes any sense!
I then simply delved into my scraps bag and pulled out tiny off-cuts of patterned papers, added a few here and there:
Then I added washi tape [like the zebra print] and also used a small circle-punch to 'nibble' away at the edges [no real reason ... I just like circle punches!]:
And finally ... I challenged myself to find all the words for the cards from the same little section of an old children's book page ... hence all the golly, jolly chuckles involved!
And why would one want such tiny cards? you might be asking, well ...
A box full of these super-slim-scrap-cards on your desk can act as ...
  • a quick supply of gift tags - adding an instant, handmade finishing touch to any parcel;
  • business cards [eg. if you're attending a craft show or networking event]: just stamp your contact details on the inside
  • a ready-made 'Thank you' or 'Hello' inside a parcel
  • a secret message left somewhere in public ... as a little treat for a passer by to find [I've never done this ... but admire people who do! It's nice to be nice for no reason isn't it?]
And the beauty of them is:
  • they're small, portable, easy to store
  • they use up scraps aka: the holy grail of crafting projects!
  • they're one-of-a-kind
  • they're a personal touch that shows some thought ... even thought they're super quick to throw together.
And the font size of book pages is the perfect snipped-out finishing touch to these tiny greetings. Because for me, a project is just unfinished, nay ... naked ... without a word or two hurled at it! They make an extra connection between you and the recipient.

There'll be more Snippets of Words posts next week, along with a mix of Scavenger Hunt and Simply A Moment catch-ups too.

See you then then.

Julie :-)


  1. Very interesting and useful way of prepping for bigger projects Julie perhaps !

  2. These look vey sweet as well as original! I could see myself using them on a layout, or just stapling one to a piece of plain coloured card to make a bigger card :).

  3. Love, love, love these snippet of words cards!

  4. So cute! Love the idea for using up those unending scrap pieces!

  5. I LOVE these. They are so adorable and I will definitely be trying this. I love the idea of using them as business cards! =)


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