Monday 29 July 2013

Snippets of Words: 'Have Strong Wings'

Hi, hi.

In the previous Snippets of Words post I mentioned some of the benefits of using foreign language papers and for today's example, while I didn't use it for my sentiment snippet I did use it as my background paper:
Now, call me shallow, but the page may be all about Russian nuclear physics [true story] ... but isn't it pretty? I love the way it's aged and has that gorgeous yellowing around the edges. [You can get your hands on your own from  the existing packs in my shop or as always, you can arrange a custom order. No problem!].

As for the sentiment snippet itself, this one came from a 1960s illustrated children's encyclopaedia entry on birds ... but again, as I also mentioned in my earlier post ... these kinds of phrases can take on their own, alternative, meaning when you free them from their original context:
And suddenly a simple fact about some prehistoric bird can become a positive, life-affirming  message to the recipient of this card!

The remainder of the card was just an experiment with combining the lovely soft ice-cream pink with jade green:
And in a nutshell, that's how I roll: playing with colour; mixing vintage book pages and patterned papers ... and snipping out something the will [hopefully] mean something to someone!

Have you found a perfectly pithy phrase lately? I swear this is true ... I was tidying my craft room while thinking about accountants [as one does] when I picked up a snippet of an old book page from the floor. And what should the snippet say when I turned it over? 'Profit and loss'! Spooky no?

Right then ... I'll be leaving you to sift through your pages or to visit my shop for a wide range of book pages old but new to you to inspire your next project!

Julie :-)

p.s: My Month in Numbers will be here on the 31st [as usual on the last day of the month] ... see you there.


  1. spooky! :) you are able to pull so many different elements together to make a lovely card x

  2. So pretty! I love the idea of cutting out words to make your own sentiment.

  3. I love the color combo on this card!
    And I was cracking myself up as I read your post title too fast and read "Have strong winds"... and wondered what kind of funny sign did Julie find again? :P

    By the way, I am very late but I just posted my Month in Numbers for June:

  4. That green is my favourite shade right now and mixed with the pink it gives the card a soft and beautiful feel.

    I'm happy to see I'm not the only one just posting June's Month In Numbers :)

  5. Cool concept and pretty colours. :)

  6. Still love these. Still on my to-do list! August for sure!

  7. I'm another fan of your ability to pull seemingly disparate things together and make something so pretty and meaningful. Like Rinda, it's on my list!


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