Monday 22 July 2013

Snippets of Words: 'Challenge and encourage you'

Hello, hello.

Let me start a new week by getting a little bit organised: I've now made a Pinterest board to house all the things I'll be blogging as part of the Snippets of Words series.

You don't need to have a Pinterest account to see all the posts in one  place though - you can just follow this link. I'm also collecting together and pinning works by other people that fit the theme too - so if you're looking for inspiration on how to use any old book pages you have in your stash, then that board's going to be a good place to start!

Now for today's example ... and after the two very small cards I've shared so far ... I think we're starting to grow in size. Well ... ever so slightly:
Just another from the scrap bag' card but this time my base was a patterned cardstock ... that's not something you see that often is it? Textured card - definitely, but not with a printed design on it. I've had them a while now and I can't remember which brand they came from [I accepted them in fun  payment-by-stash transaction once!] but it made a great, quick, backdrop for the rest of the scraps.

Note the punched-out circles ... I've had a newly renewed fondness for my circle punches and corner rounder this year. Not sure why although clearly it's a 'round' thing!

And, one tip if you're just staring at a pile of random scraps wondering where to begin:
  • start by pulling out all the scraps in similar shades - as I did here selecting blues and greens;
  • because, if all else fails ... you can always turn to the most basic colour coordinating to inspire 'something' to emerge from a mass of 'bits'!
As for the wording itself ... it doesn't mean anything at all except whatever the recipient made of it. It certainly wasn't selected for any particular reason ... but I think [actually I know, because she told me!] that the recipient made her own interpretation of it. 
It's one of the most interesting aspects of using these 'found' phrases rather than always turning to tried and tested [dare I say cliché?] ready-made sentiments
  • oddities like these leave lots of room around them for people to fill in the blanks for themselves.
  • ... to receive the message they want to hear ...
  • which may be far more deep and meaningful than anything you originally intended!
There'll be another example featuring 'Snippets of Words' along later in the week until then, don't forget  to visit or follow the inspiration board ... and then go sharpen those scissors!


  1. This is what I love about found phrases. Each person looking at it will take something different from it :)

  2. I love the idea of found phrases ... I once put together a poem of all the road and shop signs I saw as we drove along in the car! I am making a note to be definitely 'in' on this. I love the way you can make something so meaningful out of little bits. (And that's a personal 'you', not an impersonal one!)

  3. I am loving your cute little card series Julie, I really like the idea of your 'Snippets' and might just have to "borrow" your idea if you don't mind - as a recipient of one of the said cards I would like to confirm it was just like you saying "hello" in person and giving me a big smile - hope you managed to hit the deadlines! J x


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