Monday 1 July 2013

My Month in Numbers: The Communal Count! #1

Hello hello.

When I ended June's Month in Numbers post yesterday I promised you the new month would bring with it a new Month in Numbers activity for us all to take part in and so ...

... welcome to both July and the inaugural Month in Numbers Communal Count!

[A word to the wise: if you ever plan to write about the Communal Count on your blog - which would be perfectly lovely - may I firmly suggest you proof read your post veeeeeerrrry carefully. One lost vowel and we'll be in a whole world of trouble. Just saying ... ]

Anywhooo .....

Thank you so much for all your great suggestions for the kinds of things we could all count up throughout the months to compare and contrast in our Month in Numbers posts.

I've made a list of them all - shuffled them into several categories - and you'll gradually see questions inspired by them appearing here over the months to come.

Even with taking suggestions from so many of you - there are always going to be categories that you just don't fit into to ... but in an attempt to please more of the people more of the time ... I've decided to offer up 2 options per month ... so you can choose the best fit for you.

And here are the first 2 options:
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 So ...
  • you're welcome to answer either, neither, or both!
  • it really is entirely up to you
  • you're welcome to interpret them however you like - you might want to count up everyday in the month, or just pick out one day where you'll do a spot-check and write down the number. Whatever you choose is fine!
If you don't usually join in with My Month in Numbers because you don't want to create a full blog post ...
  •  at the end of July you're welcome to just join in with your responses to these shorter questions by leaving a comment on my July Month in Numbers post 
  • OR - join in with your response on my Facebook page where I'll also post this month's questions

And if one/both of the subjects don't apply ... don't let that stop you joining in!!

REMEMBER: My Month in Numbers is never really just about the numbers
  • it's more like how a combination lock unlocks the chain around your bike wheels 
  • and how your PIN number unlocks your bank account ...
  • these numbers are just a 'way in' to the fun stuff, the important stuff  ...
  • they crack open the story of your day-to-day life and allow you to share it with your online friends.
So, for example:
  •  you don't think you can answer one of this month's questions because you don't carry a bag around with you, or you don't take any photos.  
OK, no need to feel left out, you can still join in ... your answer could read something like:
  • "0 = the number of items I carried around in an everyday bag because ______and_______ but if _______ then _____ and maybe ______"
  • Or something like that!
  • Even if your number was 'zero' ... your story counts just as much as if it was 500.
It's the stories we're sharing ... tracking our similarities, our differences, our individual quirks, traits, loves, hates and much more.

So, get that bag and/or camera out ... and your notebook ... and get communally counting in July!

Julie :-)


  1. Oooh liking this idea, ALOT.

  2. Congratulations and best wishes on this new project!
    I´ll go with #2 as I always include that info in my month in numbers. ;) And my printing habits are zero with 400 pictures spikes. :D

  3. I'm up for it :)
    Think it might be No.2 but will see how this month goes ;)

  4. Oh the shame of having to admit how many things I cram into my handbag! All essentials of course ;-)

  5. I like both of these! Though I thInk the contents of my handbag will be the more interesting of the two! :). Great idea and I have much enjoyed your witty writing. Watching those vowels very carefully ... :).

  6. I love #1, as I have trouble counting all my pix! Hoping to do a June roundup soon, as this was a very big month for me!

  7. Oh yes - count me in Julie - I think it will be option 1 for me! J x

  8. Two fab ideas - might be nice to contrast what I carry in my handbag when DH is with me and what I carry when he isn't - no prizes for guessing when my bag is fuller and heavier LOL!!

  9. Your jane Austin costume's event sounds fabulous - I too have had a love of costume since I was a child

    I've posted my June numbers


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