Sunday 21 July 2013

Simply A Moment [July]: The Clash of the Seasons

Hey you.

Goodness, it seems that after my self-imposed blogging break in June ... I now can't turn around without bumping into yet another post I really want to share with you. What with my 'Snippets of Words' series and my scavenger hunt photos my draft post dashboard is looking mightily populated lately.

But I really did want to make time to fit in my 7th monthly response to the 'Simply A Moment' meme [I'm proud I've kept it up all year so far!]. If you don't already know then Simply a Moment is hosted at Simply Alexa -  a mid-month marker which encourages us to stop, pause and record something which could otherwise have disappeared into the ether. [To learn more you can read Alexa's tips on how to record your own moments and if you do join in, there's a link box there for you to add your post.]

And now here's my July moment ...

The Clash of the Seasons

Date: Monday 15th July 2013
Time: 15:15 ish
Location: Home. Work room.

So warm.

The breeze through the open craft room window buckles the vintage curtains forcing them inwards.

I glance down at the large bulldog clip I'm using to pin the hem of the curtain to the storage box beneath the window. It's meant to prevent the curtain from flapping like a ship sail where the gusts it creates are incompatible with the amount of paper on my work desk.

The crystal hanging in the window spins and the jingly bells on a string ... jingle. Appropriately.

I return my gaze to the Christmas-craft-projects-in-the-making covering my entire desk ... and most of the floor.
I thought I'd have got more done by now. OK, don't panic. It's always hard to begin. Remember? Hard to break the ice. But the thaw always comes ... and the job gets finished. Every time.

I'm still debating over whether to make another cup of tea. Am I thirsty? Or just looking for an evasion strategy?

Another warm breeze brings with it the smell of food. It reminds me of Auntie Rosie's Yorkshire Puddings. I can see a tray full of them now, bronze, crispy, perfect and never too far away from the equally famous Auntie Rosie's gravy. Ahhh the scent of nostalgia ...

Through the gap between the half-drawn curtains an old man wearing sunglasses, and his equally aged dog, enter stage-right ... stroll across the scene... and exit stage left.


Behind me, through the radio on the floor, the host of the music quiz asks the contestant "Who composed the Christmas carol 'Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day'?"

More Christmas. How funny. And naturally I'm now humming it.

I'm surrounded by 'the most wonderful time of the year' and yet I'm sitting here in shorts [can't remember the last time it was so warm that I had to wear them. And I'm just glad they still fit!].

I notice that the green of my t-shirt matches that of my cutting mat. But the blousy florals of my shorts, in shades of cerise, gold and purple share nothing in common with the wintry prints of the patterned paper and ribbons I'm working with.

OK, I give in. I get up to close the window. It's still hot, but too blowy and I can't focus.

My warm calves stick together as I uncross my shorts-clad legs as I settle myself in my chair ... and return to making Christmas cards ...


So, there you have it, if my moment has made you want to read more, then do drop by Alexa's to catch-up with her latest and those of the other bloggers who've linked to their own.

See you tomorrow with some less festive crafting ...



  1. Ho ho ho - someone's very organised! Christmas in the middle of a heat wave? A great moment captured here.

  2. Alas not *organised* so much as *working*. It was for a magazine ... hence why I usually am so over Christmas crafts by the time Christmas actually arrives!

  3. Making a cuppa is what i do when i sit down to do something and nothing happens. As always a wonderful moment...i would never have believed that i would be thinking of Christmas cards in July! Good luck with yours x

  4. I am loving the shorts Julie! SO summery - but my shorts days are over, don't feel right in them now and prefer a sundress - but I would struggle to get my head round Christmas - so well done you. And a huge thank you my dear, for the truly lovely goodies you included in my last little packet - they will be popping up on my blog I promise! J x

  5. I can't think of Christmas at this point!!! Even looking at the CHA Christmas releases make me click away! Love the shorts and the contrast with the wintery paper! "Cool" moment ;)

  6. I love the sense of distraction in your moment, and I know what I mean about having a long draft list.

  7. Christmas in July is happening all over blog land and yet it passes me right by. Well done for at least starting.
    Lovely moment, except for the thigh sticking bit. Don't you just hate that?

  8. Just glorious to look over your shoulder, Julie :). What a struggle of contrasts - I am guessing you are doing magazine article preparation? I know you've mentioned before the incongruity of having to prepare so long in advance, and the beautiful attention to detail really brings that home. I love how your mind flits from one thing to another (I am not alone then!) and another part of you notices and brings it back. I am so touched that you have joined in again despite the deadlines looming and it is wonderful, as ever, to have your thoughtful participation :). Are they all finished yet?

  9. have to confess that the first year I didn't HAVE to have Christmas cards made I joyfully didn't ;) Hope your deadlines are all met and that you managed to get outside into a cool breeze. Perhaps you should have added a sno'cone to your preparations?

  10. Lovely to share this moment with you :-)


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