Saturday, 26 October 2013

At home: Like sleeping in a giant envelope ...

Hi, hi.

This is the penultimate post of Going Postal 2013 and I couldn't think of a better way to prepare to put the series to bed than this:
What? I know, awful pun ... but get over it ... and let me explain ...

As I type, this ^  is the linen we currently have on our bed [so far so entirely random but bear with me].

While you can clearly make out [and are no doubt not surprised by] the zebra print quilt in the photo, you might not yet be able to see what exactly it is that makes the remainder of the bedding so appropriate to our current topic ...

But the thing is ... when I spotted it on the shelf at TK Maxx a few months back then as, like you, I got closer:
... and closer to it ...

... I began to realise that the print was almost exactly like the kind you find inside security envelopes!! And, as this is my 3rd year blogging about postal themed ephemera ... you should know by now that security envelopes are one of my favourite everyday treasures!

So how could I resist?

[FYI: On previous occasions when I've shared photos of bed-linen I've had quite a few emails asking where I got it from - so this time I've come prepared. As I say, it came form a TK Maxx store[in England] so is probably old stock from somewhere or other. The name on the pack was: Wallis Young Home and, rather than the more accurate 'awesome security envelope patterned one' the actual name of this set is 'Harriet Blue'. However, I can't find anything about it online anywhere.]

So now you know how I've been sleeping at night after long hours of posty-themed blogging! But, for the record, no ... we don't have to tear the top of the duvet cover open each morning to get out of bed!
Join me tomorrow for the final Going Postal post of 2013!


  1. Haha thanks for the sneak peak. This is a great design for you and Tkmaxx does have all kinds of hidden treasures. I have done one last going postal post using Belgian postage stamps and post-it notes:

  2. Currently sleeping under some TK Maxx sheets myself..great bargains! Those are a lovely colour

  3. Perfect for you! I'd be scanning those pillow covers and making some scrapbook paper with it :). Now there's a thought ... Looking forward to tomorrow, Julie.

  4. Too funny and I like Alexa's idea a lot!


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