Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Cardmaking [take a deep breath before saying this]: a framed-postage-stamp 3D-art-gallery-scene stepper-card! Oh my.

Come in, come in, you're just in time for my final craft project of Going Postal 2013.

And, unusually for me it's what you might call a 'high concept' card! [I guess I must be caught up in the drama of this crafty finale!]

 So, let me introduce you to my [deep breath ....]: framed postage-stamp 3D-art-gallery-scene stepper-card!
With this project you can showcase some of the more interesting and attractive designs in your stamp collection on this special fold-out gallery card.

Should you wish to try something similar ...

Here are some instructions:
  • Take a blank stepper card or make your own - they're just a zig-zag shape in profile;
  • Cover the 2 outward facing sections with patterned paper - I chose a design that you might find in an old art gallery;
  • Next add a strip of wood grain paper at the very bottom - to represent the gallery floor [I told you this was high-concept!]
  • Use nesting dies to cut frames from gold paper;
  • Now run them through various embossing folders - to mimic ornate frame surrounds;
  • Now use the frames to highlight the smartest, prettiest and most well designed stamps in your collection!
Then you can decorate as you wish, such as using haberdashery trimmings for picture-haging chains...
... but, of course, whether or not you add an entirely cheesy greeting [like I did!] is entirely your decision!
I know it's not something you'll make everyday of the week ... but it will certainly would make a unique contribution to a mantelpiece on someone's special day!
If you give a framed postage-stamp 3D-art-gallery-scene stepper-card a try [and why wouldn't you? ;-) ]... and you re-interpret it in your own way, at any time - give me a shout and I'll swing by for a peek.
Julie :-)
If you still plan to post a posty post of your own ... the series does end on Sunday [27th Oct 2013] ... and while I'm not saying I definitely won't pin your project after that ... it will start to clash with Octobers Month in Numbers contributions ... meaning I'll have a lot less time to hop around blogland. 


  1. OK, so I am going to have to go and google 'stepper card' being an absolute ignoramus! But not before admiring you very stylish postal-themed inspiration to us :). I felt as if I was looking at the inside wall of a little dolls' house, with framed pictures against a pretty wallpaper :).

  2. i found myself saying "oh" when I read final craft project! and it is a work of art..fab!

  3. In my head I saw "show stopper" instead of "scene stepper", so I'm going to go with that!


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