Thursday 3 October 2013

Going Postal 2013: A quick way to add an authentic feel to a travel journal

Hi, hi.

In my recent posts all about my '30 Postcards to Myself' project I've suggested how the idea would easily translate into a travel journal ... but today's project is adds a vintage postal theme in an even easier way!

It's just a regular notebook, covered in patterned papers, with a washi-tape spine ... and a scattering of vintage stamps for an added touch of authenticity.

Maybe you could:
  •  use the idea on a travel planner before you head off on a trip to record your own holiday plans ...
  • or take it with you to record your experiences as you travel
  • or make one as a gift to a non-crafty globe-trotter ...
  • the notebook could be decked out with stamps before the trip ... or else it could develop naturally over time with a stamp being purchased and stuck down in each new destination along the way!
If you're looking for some new old stamps to create with:
  • I'm currently working on some 'instant' stamp collections [themed and colour-coordinated selections] which will be added to my shop next week sometime.
  • If there's a particular theme or country you'd like me to look out for for a bespoke collection - just let me know and I'll see if I can be of help.
See you soon.

Julie :-)
If you join in with a posty post of your own:
  • let your readers know you're Going Postal [a few words of introduction is fine];
  • link up to my blog or the Going Postal Pinterest board
  • then - if you use Pinterest please consider pinning it to one of your own boards, link me up, and I'll 're-pin' it.
  • but - if you DON'T use Pinterest drop by here or my Facebook page and leave a link to your postal-themed project or story before Oct 27th and I'll add you to the board for all to share your contribution.
Any problems or questions - just get in touch. :-)


  1. I always take a notebook on my trips. I could include some stamps from the country I´m visiting. :)

  2. The sight of a few stamps always conjures up thoughts about exploring somewhere new..perfect for a travel journal. Yes!

  3. I do love stamps :) and so will be following your shop with interest. And the journal cover is so inviting - makes me want to reach for my passport!


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