Wednesday 16 October 2013

Cardmaking: 'Stay in Touch' postal ephemera card

Hi, hi.

I've seen similar things to this mentioned in several contributions to Going Postal so far so I know I'm not alone ...

... but what is it about stamps and stationery that, while they're everyday items, they manage to hold within them a heightened level of romance and seductive power over us?!

Do you, like me, come over all untoward in the office-supplies aisle of even the most mundane of supermarkets? Let alone the days you can lose browsing around a Paperchase! And, given half a chance, which of us would turn down the offer to play Post Offices?

Well, with this envelope / paperclip / postage stamp combo card I've pulled those postal + office-supply obsessions together ...
Even though I never send letters overseas I do own Air Mail envelopes ... but who doesn't??! So I just added one to the front of a card, on top of a few strips of coordinating papers.

And here even a single stand-alone feature-stamp can help get the message across maybe as the ideal sentiment to send someone moving abroad or heading off travelling ... or else adapt it for any other card-sending occasion:

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  1. Part of my job involves processing applications for admission to our school. Every form has to be numbered so we can identify it. When I took over the job I asked if I could have a proper stamp that moved onto the next number automatically instead of handwriting it. It is the BEST part of my job! I love getting to take a pile of papers and stamp them like I was playing post offices. I'm just a bit upset that my fun will end in a couple of weeks time when the deadline passes!
    I shall have to revert to going up to see if they need my 'help' in the school library ;-)

  2. Hi Julie, Just to say thanks for getting me blogging again - I have made a postcard album similar to your design. My blog entry is here: and I have pinned it on my own board, pin reference:
    Have enjoyed the postal series 'cos I LOVE stationery! Nicky x

  3. Another really neat idea, Julie - and I have airmail envelopes too which I never use! But, like you, the prospect of being in any stationery shop makes my heart beat faster. I do so love your phrase: I think I'll be adopting 'untoward' :).


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