Sunday 13 October 2013

Going Postal 2013: Making a virtue of repetition ... and repetition.

Hi hi [apologies if you've already seen this in your blog reader ... small scheduling mix-up!]

If you've been tempted to try something a bit postal-inspired and decide to start collecting the stamps that drop through your door don't worry if you keep receiving the same design of stamp again and again.

Just make a virtue from the repetition:
Just create a focal point from a row of identical stamps and pull the rest of the card together by picking out colours from the stamps and then using the same colour palette right across the card for emphasis:
For the less patient [who don't want to wait for a collection to drop onto their doormat] I've created a range of  'Instant Stamp Collections' which are currently available in colour-coordinated packs or themd around: Christmas; Plants + Flowers and Birds + Animals.  
Instant Stamp Collections - rainbow
Going Postal banner
If you join in with a posty post of your own:
  • let your readers know you're Going Postal [a few words of introduction is fine];
  • link up to my blog or the Going Postal Pinterest board where I'll be saving your post.
  • then - if you use Pinterest please consider pinning it to one of your own boards, link me up, and I'll 're-pin' it.
  • but - if you DON'T use Pinterest drop by here or my Facebook page and leave a link to your postal-themed project or story before Oct 27th and I'll add you to the board for all to share your contribution.
  • The Going Postal Pinterest board has close to 800 followers ... so this could be a fun way to get your blog seen by some new eyes!
Any problems or questions - just get in touch. :-)


  1. love this card too your creativity is really on fire at the mo! I have finally joined in
    with some mini book pages using airmail themed supplies.

  2. Brilliant collections! What a cool idea and I am off to order :).


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