Monday, 18 August 2014

Filling a Junk Journal: My 'Summertime 2014' album *Part 3*. How to add in a greetings card page

Hello again.

Welcome to the third post in a series which aims to get you crafting with all kinds of junk, bits, bobs, and pieces by sharing my current summer journal. [Catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 here].

I like to add in a few pages-with-a-difference to my journals - and to the Junk Journal packs in the shop - as they add a nice jumbly feel to a project. And I'm all for the eclectic!

And one simple way to achieve this eclectic effect is by using a greeting card as an  interactive open-me-up type page.
 Whether it's a card someone's sent to you, with a message you'd like to keep, or if it's a blank card you're simply planning to use as a means to add colour and interest to your book, then here's one way you can add it into your journal ...

What you'll need:
  • a greeting card OR any piece of card folded over
  • a hole punch
  • a length of string / twine
What to do:
Like my previous page binding technique, this one's pretty self-explanatory ... but just in case ...
  • Punch two holes in the fold of the greeting card;
  • Thread a loop of twine through from the inside out:
  • On the inside of the card tie a knot in the twine large enough that it can't slip through the hole:
  • Then thread the loops on to your album's book rings. Done!
I decorated my blank card with journaling blocks and there's a photo inside too, but that's entirely optional.

The key idea is just the basic but fun method of adding an open-out card to your journal whatever you chose to do with it once it's there!


I do hope these posts have tempted you try your hand at junk journaling / relaxed scrapbooking. You can always get in touch to let me know when you've tried an idea for yourself, and if you're not there yet, then do pin/save this post for a future project!

I've got a couple more posts in this series planned which I'll bring you very soon. Until then ...

Julie :-)


  1. Yes, definitely inspiring! I have a whole heap of envelopes and bits I want to keep..maybe I need to get myself some big book rings and make a start

  2. I like that corrugated bind A LOT. Would love a post about how you have done the cover ...


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